SVS Prime Elevation - Height Effects Speakers (Piano Gloss Black) - Pair

Rs. 75,000.00

About the SVS Prime Elevation

A Different Approach to Home Theater Effects Speakers

Well-engineered effects speakers like SVS's Prime Elevation models can help create that seamless "acoustic bubble" that makes home theater so immersive.

The Prime Elevations can be used as direct-radiating height effects speakers for the latest object-based audio formats like Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X®, and Auro-3D®.

The common approach for Dolby Atmos speakers is bouncing sound off the ceiling from below, but that requires ideal room conditions, and the speakers' frequency response must be limited. SVS's Prime Elevation models don't rely on reflecting sounds off the ceiling.

Because they're designed to be mounted high on the wall, Prime Elevations also make great effects speakers for older surround systems.

Not Just for the Latest Surround Formats

With its angled front baffle, Prime Elevation can also be used as left or right fronts, a center channel, or side and/or rear surrounds. Their accurate, open sound will remind you of high-end bookshelf monitors. They perform well in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

The Prime Elevation's 4-1/2" woofer cone is made of polypropylene, which is extremely lightweight and rigid, allowing the woofer to sound clear and natural through the midrange.

The 1" aluminum dome tweeter is fitted with a special diffusor that keeps high frequencies sounding crystal clear, even when you crank up the volume.

Warranty: 5-years Manufacturer's Warranty
Key Features:

  • Elegant, compact 2-way bookshelf-style speaker
  • Sloped baffle enables numerous mounting options- up-firing, sideways or down-firing orientations.
  • Designed to easily mount directly to the wall or ceiling with multi-angle wall bracket
  • Directly overhead (for what’s commonly known as “Voice of God” speaker with Auro-3D)

Key Benefits of SVS Prime Elevation Speaker

SVS Takes Immersive Three-Dimensional Surround Sound to New Heights

Home theatres running height effects speakers with Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D carry the potential to completely transform the cinema experience at your home. A flash of tremendous insight, Prime Elevation speaker direct-radiating with the charged dynamics, pinpoint accuracy and subtle enhancement of a high-end bookshelf speaker. Finally, SVS took a step forward and engineered a height effects speaker to deliver the ultimate sound experience without the compromises of ceiling bounce or in-ceiling speakers. These speakers create an unprecedented 3D experience that really adds the next level of convincing sound to the home theatre experience.

One Speaker, Endless Possibilities

  • Here are the most common Prime Elevation applications. The more creative you get, the more you witness its versatility.
  • Down-Firing Height Effects Speaker - Placed high on a side wall, the directly radiated sound is a huge improvement over “ceiling bounce” solutions which are pretty compromising.
  • Up or Down-Firing Front, LCR or Center Channel Speaker - Placed above or below the viewing area, directed at the listener, when placement at ear level isn’t manageable.
  • Side or Rear-Firing Surround Speaker - Placed on the sidewall for rear effects or rear wall for side effects when optimal placement isn’t feasible.
  • The more differently you place or mount it, the more surprised you will be with its pristine full range sound capabilities from all angles. When you know that it’s meant to suit rooms of all shapes, we wonder what’s keeping you from welcoming this pair at your home. Order now for an immersive, breathtaking sound experience!

Product Highlights:

  • Height effects speaker for Dolby Atmos®, DTS:x®, and AURO-3d®, can also be used as Side or Rear Surrounds, or as Main (LCR) Left + Center + Right speakers
  • 2-way design
  • 1" aluminum dome tweeter
  • 4-1/2" polypropylene mid/woofer
  • Frequency response: 55-25,000 hz (±3db)
  • Recommended power: 20-150 watts
  • Sensitivity: 87 db
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Bass-reflex cabinet with rear-firing port
  • Designed to mount on the wall or be placed on stands
  • Multi-angle wall bracket system allows speaker to be wall-mounted in any of four positions
  • 1/4" threaded brass insert for use with other mounting brackets
  • Elastomer stick-on bumper feet
  • 5-way binding posts accept bare wire, pins, spade lugs, and banana connectors
  • Removable cloth grille
  • 5-1/2"W x 9-5/16"H x 7-7/8"D
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years

What's in the Box:

  • SVS prime elevation owner's manual
  • 2 surround loudspeakers
  • 2 grilles (pre-installed)
  • 2 speaker brackets
  • 2 wall-brackets
  • 4 wall-anchors
  • 2 machine screws
  • 8 self-tapping screws
  • 8 self-adhesive rubber bumpers
  • Owner's manual
  • SVS brochure
  • Online product registration card
  • Wall-mounting template
Country of Origin: CHINA

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