Pulz : RS250 MonoBlock Power Amplifier - 100W RMS x 4Ω Both Channel Driven

Rs. 52,900.00
Rs. 39,900.00


  • Pure complimentary, high speed, DC coupled output stage
  • Fully protected against short circuits and DC offsets
  • Derated output devices
  • Separate high current power supply per channel
  • Generous convection cooled heat sink
  • Immunity to RF interference
  • Slimline heavy duty chassis
Power Output 60W RMS/channel X 8Ω,
100W RMS X 4Ω both channels driven
Frequency Response 14Hz - 55kHz +0, -1dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 20Hz to 20kHz, <0.05% at rated power
Intermodulation Distortion SMPTE 60Hz; 7kHz @ 4:1<0.05% at rated power
Input Sensitivity 600mV
Input Impedance 10kΩ
Speaker Impedance Will accept nominal ratings at or above 4Ω
Slew Rate 60 Volts per microsecond
Indicator LED on front panel indicating power on and a
closed power relay. Flashes when faultt
Power Requirement 230V AC 50Hz +/-10% @ 300VA
Dimensions (H X W X D) 65 mm x 432 mm x 256 mm  (2.6’’ x 17.1’’ x 10.1’’)
Net Weight 8 kg (18 lb)
Gross Weight 9 kg (20 lb)

More Info:

 The RS250 Power Amplifier offers high performance, reliability and excellent value. More than fifteen years of accumulated experience is incorporated in each amplifier. The RS250 continues to satisfy the requirements of broadcasters, recording studios, theaters, sound reinforcement and other professional users in addition to Hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers in every part of the country.

The performance of the RS250 is ensured by a high speed direct coupled output stage with low distortion achieved through pure complementary topology and carefully selected devices. The relative simplicity and elegance of the design makes the circuitry inherently more reliable.

In addition, rigorous control at every stage of manufacture from the selection of components through to final testing ensures consistent high performance.

Each power amplifier channel is powered from a separate high current toroidal transformer with over 13000 microfarad reservoir capacitors. The power supply capacity is designed for deal with the most awkward dynamic loads usually associated with real life loudspeakers and this contributes to the amplifier''''s excellent transient handling capability.

Country of Origin: CHINA

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