Magnat Transpuls 1000 Floor Standing Speaker (Pair)

Rs. 129,990.00
Rs. 129,900.00

Magnat Transpuls 1000

The compact Transpuls - a 3-way speaker with all of the ingredients for pure music enjoyment

  • Low housing depth for simple and uncomplicated installation
  • 260 mm woofer with ultra-lightweight paper cone
  • Heavy-duty, audiophile stereo speaker in a legendary design
  • Single-compression horn tweeter for excellent dynamics

The look speaks for itself

Someone wants to make music here. Proper, real music. The honest and down-to-earth appearance of the Transpuls 1000 also embodies the way in which it performs. The three-way system, which consists of a fully-fledged 260 mm woofer, a 135 mm dome and, of course, a horn tweeter, represents a journey back in time - both technically and visually speaking. In terms of sound, however, the Transpuls 1000 sets the pace.

An efficient, dynamic and unbeatable musical performance

Thanks to its impressive efficiency rating of 92.5 dB, the stereo speaker enables even smaller amplifiers to perform amazing acoustic feats. In the deep bass and mid-range frequencies, this is due, in part, to the extremely lightweight paper cones and their mounting using PA technology. In the treble range, it is the unbeatable efficiency of the horn principle that simply makes normal tweeters appear "old". The dynamics generated by the Transpuls 1000 are breathtaking and its acoustic coordination seems as though it were made for rock, urban and all manner of impulsive music.

Superb technology combines old and new alike

With a whopping 26 cm woofer and a perfectly coordinated bass reflex configuration, the Transpuls 1000 is capable of performing down to the lowest frequencies. It generates pleasant vibrations within the room from 22 Hz onwards and the single-compression horn tweeter only lets up at 32,000 Hz.

The Transpuls 1000 thereby retains its living room-friendly dimensions. Standing 79 cm high, 38 cm wide and just 28 cm deep, it is the compact member of the family. Nevertheless, the construction provides more than enough volume for a deep, dynamic and impressive bass range. The forward-facing ports of the bass reflex configuration make it uncritical in terms of where it is installed, which means that the Transpuls 1000 can be placed closer to the wall. All of this also manifests itself in an impressive overall weight of 20 kilos per speaker.

Not retro, but still groundbreaking

Like all of the members in the Transpuls family, the 1000 series also exhibits the typical look, which, on the one hand, is reminiscent of the legendary heyday of hi-fi systems in the 70s and 80s, yet exudes the blunt musicality of today on the other. This applies both when the elegant fabric grille with its sturdy MDF frame is attached, and when the pure technology is visible when the grille is removed. A left- and right-hand model with a symmetrical arrangement of the chassis ensures the Transpuls 1000 is also a visual delight. The Dark Wood housing represents a successful combination of discrete and sensational. The latter mainly because of the striking proportions.
Last but not least, details such as the 5° angled housing, which is a component of holistic phase correction, ensure that all of the frequencies reach your ears at the same time.

Classic State Of The Art Technology

The Transpuls series not only has a look that is inspired by the glorious era of the 70s and 80s, but we have also taken the technical ingredients from yesteryear and given the man update. The high-power woofers and mid-range drivers are made of the finest, hardened paper; a membrane material that is just as important today as it was back then.

Party Speaker ? Personal Audio Speaker?

The term ‚party speaker‘ doesn't do justice to the Transpuls series, because it has thorough audiophile requirements in terms of sound. Having said that, however, its resilience and level ensure it is more than suitable for any party. We have coordinated the Transpuls so that it more than meets Magnat‘s high demands in terms of sound.

So Beautiful & So Dynamic 

A finely coordinated crossover ensures that each chassis is supplied with the exact frequency range that is intended for it. No more and no less. Sturdy connecting terminals mean that you can also connect a Transpuls speaker to your hi-fi system with proper cables.

Technical specifications

PRINCIPLE 3-way CRA bass reflex
DRIVERS 1 x 1” horn-dome tweeters 
1 x 10" woofer
1 x 5.25" midrange
POWER HANDLING (RMS/MAX.) 150 / 300 Watts
SENSITIVITY (2.8V/1M) 92.5 dB
IMPEDANCE 4 – 8 Ohms
DIMENSIONS (WXHXD) 380 x 790 x 280 mm
WEIGHT 20 kg
Country of Origin:

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