Magnat Cinema Star 5.1 Setellite Home Theatre System

Rs. 55,000.00

Magnat Cinema Star 5.1 Home Theatre System
  • Compact 5.1 subwoofer satellite system
  • Fabric dome tweeters
  • Bass-midrange drivers with coated paper cones and powerful double magnet system
  • Active subwoofer with 170 mm woofer and downfire technology
  • Subwoofer amplifier with 100 watt maximum output
  • Level, crossover frequency and phase can be adjusted/switched
  • Laser-optimized overall design
  • Cinema Star 5.1 –Full cinema sound, ideal compact dimensions
  • Netflix, Prime Video and Disney plus are offering new blockbusters almost every day for us to watch on our big screen TVs at home. Our ultra-compact Cinema Star 5.1 surround speaker system delivers the corresponding room-filling cinema sound to your own four walls. As is always the case for Magnat’s products, this is based on decades of experience in audio development.

The entire cinema experience, including that delivered by a home cinema setup, is only impressive with the right sound. Regardless of whether you’re watching a film on DVD or Blu-ray, or via one of the major streaming providers, the sound accompanying it is usually available in different surround formats and languages. And this is where a significant amount of the director’s effort is channeled. After all, the fact that the acoustic impression makes up the largest part of the overall cinema experience is not a secret that is confined to Hollywood.

If you particularly like watching films in their original audio format, you will be aware that the original versions filmed in English (or another language) place a completely different demand on the sound when compared to the dubbed versions. In order to enjoy all of these fine nuances in Dolby digital, DTS and other formats, you don’t necessarily need a huge speaker setup.

Current cinema sound formats offer at least 5 channels as well as an additional bass signal. To reproduce these in a home cinema setup, you need the corresponding number of speakers. Subwoofer satellite systems offer an optimal solution here, not only for reasons of space, but also because of their aesthetic appearance. Treble and mid-range frequencies, which the human ear can locate very well, are reproduced by their own speakers. The bass range, on the other hand, is generated by the active subwoofer. This setup allows you to enjoy the advantage of precisely locatable signals with minimal space requirements.

It’s all about the technology when it comes to a home cinema setup. When used with a suitable AV amplifier or receiver, the Magnat Cinema Star 5.1 subwoofer satellite system ensures you are equipped for all imaginable surround formats. The electronic components used do not even have to be particularly powerful, because the satellites in our system are extremely efficient and the active subwoofer, which boasts an amplifier output of 100 watts, relieves the strain placed on the receiver when it comes to reproducing low frequencies.

Homogeneously equipped speakers and an active subwoofer
The four satellite speakers used for the front and rear channels have fiber-reinforced ABS housings, which makes them very insensitive and extremely resilient. A newly developed coaxial speaker ensures that treble and mid-range frequencies reach the listener at exactly the same time. The individual components, including a 15 mm fabric dome tweeter and the coated bass-midrange driver, which is equipped with a powerful double magnet system, deliver sound neutrality and impressive dynamics that are typical of our products. As is the case with almost all of our products, Klippel measuring technology has also been used for the Cinema Star 5.1 set. This uses laser measuring technology to detect unwanted resonances and, in doing so, ensure they are eliminated as soon as they develop. All of the speakers in the system are also magnetically shielded to protect other components from disruptive interference.

Our flawless-sounding fabric dome is also used in the center speaker. It is not incorporated in a coaxial arrangement here, however, but in conjunction with two 85 mm diameter bass-midrange drivers. When watching films and TV series, it’s the center channel that accounts for the vast majority of acoustic events, which is why it has been designed to produce an even more powerful performance. The set is rounded off nicely by the active subwoofer. Its bass reflex housing incorporates a 170 mm long-throw woofer. This enables the Cinema Star 5.1 sub to reproduce frequencies down to 32 Hz. The integrated power amplifier, which boasts 100 watts of peak power and 40 watt of continuous power, ensures it does this with vigor. The system is simply connected via the corresponding preamplifier output of the AV component. If this is not available, a speaker signal can also be used. The volume and crossover frequency can be controlled individually. This allows the subwoofer to be perfectly coordinated to the acoustics of your room.

Combining acoustic performance with compact dimensions is the supreme discipline when it comes to speaker development. Measuring 90 x 110 mm, the front of a satellite speaker is hardly larger than the palm of your hand and its depth, which is just 110 mm, allows it to be placed on a slim shelf or on the wall. Due to its enhanced performance, the center speaker is somewhat wider at 210 mm, but it is still just 110 mm deep and 90 mm tall. This means it can fit underneath almost any TV screen, regardless of the type of stand you are using. The elegant black finish not only provides the housings with a timeless appearance, but it also makes them invisible when watching TV in a darkened room – just the way it should be.

The 225 mm subwoofer is beautifully slim and will fit perfectly next to your sofa, cupboards or shelving unit. Thanks to its downfire technology, in which the sound is radiated downwards, the subwoofer is also largely independent of the room’s acoustics, as its clearance to the floor is determined by the feet underneath the solid MDF housing. There’s even more technology inside: The “linearisation and protection circuit” (LPC) protects the woofer from subsonic frequencies that could damage it on one hand, while releasing power reserves that can be exploited for the audible frequency range on the other hand.

If you want to experience room-filling cinema sound, you don’t necessarily need room-filling speakers. By combining the Cinema Star 5.1 subwoofer satellite system with a suitable AV receiver or amplifier, you can enjoy the best multi-channel sound without compromising on aesthetics.

Technical specifications

  • Subwoofer: Bass reflex, Downfire
  • Front / Surround: 2 way satellite speaker
  • Center: 2 way center speaker


  • Subwoofer: 170mm Subwoofer
  • Front, Surround, Center: ½“ tweeter 85 mm woofer


  • 60/120 Watt (Center)
  • 50/100 Watt (Front / Surround)


  • 40/100 Watt (Subwoofer)


  • 225 x 380 x 350 mm (Subwoofer),
  • 90 x 110 x 110 mm (Front),
  • 210 x 90 x 110 mm (Center),
Country of Origin: CHINA

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