JBL PASION 12SP Powered Subwoofer (Each)

Rs. 98,990.00
Rs. 86,140.00

The Pasión Series marks JBL’s next generation of karaoke speakers. Delivering JBL’s legendary performance, the Pasión 12SP is a powered 12” karaoke subwoofer—JBL’s first in the KTV range—that is designed for sound reinforcement for commercial karaoke applications. As a premium KTV subwoofer, the Pasión 12SP continues JBL’s pedigree as a leading karaoke-speaker brand.

With exceptional bass performance, the Pasión 12SP is perfect for a wide array of karaoke venues and applications. The 12” subwoofer features JBL’s signature karaoke tuning that offers outstanding low-frequency response, while its 300W power rating provides plenty of output to bring the karaoke party to the next level. In addition to unmatched audio performance, the subwoofer features a premium, sleek form factor that is designed to fit a variety of commercial KTV venues and restaurant entertainment rooms. Altogether, with premium bass quality, excellent output, and striking aesthetics, the JBL Pasión 12SP enhances KTV environments and provides karaoke-goers with a memorable karaoke experience


  • Powered 1-way, bass-reflex subwoofer with 12” driver
  • Rated power of 300W, a frequency response of 30Hz – 300Hz, and sensitivity of 95db offer unmatched output and sound quality
  • Specially designed low-frequency woofer fitted with demodulating aluminum ring for high-power handling, low distortion, and minimum power compression
  • JBL karaoke tuning provides excellent bass performance
  • Sleek, stylish, and modern design that is well-suited for a wide array of KTV venues
  • Can be combined with a Pasión 6F speaker via speaker strut for a portable solution

Technical Specifications:


300W RMS (450W dynamic)


-∞ - +10dB

Frequency Response

40Hz - 160Hz

Crossover Point

40Hz - 160Hz (variable) 24 dB/octave


0° - 180°


1x (R+L RCA); 1x XLR


(Link): 1x (R+L RCA); 1x XLR

System Type

Front-facing, bass-reflex

Power Supply

100~240V 50/60Hz (120V, 60Hz (US); 220~230V, 50/60Hz (EU))


< 0.5W

SIZE (W × D × H)

396 × 464 × 430 mm



Country of Origin: CHINA

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