Heinrich HA60F All In One Amplifier, 60W

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All In One Amplifier
1: Plug play U disk, FM radio, wireless remote control
2: Three microphone inputs. Two auxiliary inputs, and one auxiliary outputs for link.
3: Transformer isolated 100V, 70V and 4-16 Ohms speaker outputs.
4: A FIve element LED level meter is provided for quick and easy visual monitoring of the sound level
5: Muting function.
6: Individual volume control, low and high tone control
7: Short circuit protection & alarm
8: Individual distributor for each channel
9: Series amplifiers of high output power available.
10. Out Put for 4zone Audio
All-in-one public address device combining tuner, MP3 player, pre-amplier and power amplier together With USB
port, supports running ash disk or portable hard disk Tuning station saving function after power failure 3 MIC inputs
with individual volume control 2 Aux line inputs & 1 line output for additional mixer or amplier link 1 emergency

signal input Built-in chime generator with two types of tone Two levels of priority muting function: MIC1>Chime Bass,
treble, and master volume control Output short-circuit protection and alarm function 3 types of speaker output: 100V,70V, 4-16 Ω  
MODEL  HA-40F HA-60F HA-100F HA-150F HA-200F
Rated power 40W 60W 100W 150W 200W
Line voltage 70-100V 70-100V 70-100V 70-100V 70-100V
impedance 4-16Ω 4-16Ω 4-16Ω 4-16Ω 4-16Ω
Dimension 380 x 180 x 67 380 x 180 x 67 485 x 445 x 90 485 x 445 x 90 485 x 445 x 90


Country of Origin: CHINA

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