Heinrich DSP0808 Amplifier (8-channel Phantom Power Microphone/Line input t, 8- channel circuit Output)

Rs. 265,000.00


  •  High-speed processing DSP Chip, the new generaon of AFC algorithm to eliminate the feedback faster andmake system more stable.
  •  Applicaon includes Auto Mixer (Limiter threshold and Gain), Roung, Audio Processing and special signal  extension Processing.
  • 8-channel Phantom Power Microphone/Line input, 8- channel circuit Output;
  • 8- channel External control input and 8- channel Logic output.
  •  Microphone Preamplifier, Compressor, Auto Gain Control, Ducker, Auto Mixer, Matrix Mixer, AEC, Crossover, Equalize PEQ, Limiter and Delay. Provide a complete set of Audio Process soluon.
  •  Connect with GUI interface directly through Ethernet, Easy and efficient to set.
  •  Power o ffautomacally save funcon.
  • RS232 interface connect to 3rd party communicaon.
  • Extensive GPIO Capabilies.
  • Opon to configure with Dante Modules.
  • 96KHZ sampling frequency , 48-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A / D and D / A conversion .




Country of Origin: CHINA

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