Fonestar VINYL 25AMP Turntable With USB Recrording Upto 32gb

Rs. 28,990.00

Hi-Fi belt drive turntable with USB player/recorder

The excellence of analogue vinyl sound, with a careful design that blends into any space and furniture. Recover your precious vinyl collection and enjoy the unique vinyl feel it provides, with all its warmth and softness.  It features an amplifier and 2 x 3 W RMS speakers, and you can integrate it into your Hi-Fi audio system thanks to the line level output.  Its high precision DC servo engine with fast start and stop provides constant high jitter-free playback speed and auto-stop function. It has USB/MP3 player/recorder, auxiliary input and headphone output. With the clear dust cover, which can be removed at any time, you can keep your device protected. Solid construction in MDF wood coated in black PVC and fabric. Incorporates capsule and ceramic needle. 


Hi-Fi belt drive turntables

  • Carefully designed to be integrated into any space and furniture
  • Constant playback speed without large fluctuations
  • It incorporates amplifier and 2 speakers
  • It has USB player/recorder, auxiliary input and headphone output.
  • Solid construction in MDF wood coated in black PVC and fabric



 Product name Fonestar VINYL-25AMP
Brand Fonestar
Type Turntables
Type of Turntable Fully Automatic Turntable
Motor Type Belt-Drive
Speed 33 RPM, 45 RPM, 78 RPM
DIMENSIONS 405 x 145 x 330 mm depth
ACCESSORIES  Audio cable 2 x RCA, 1.5 m
Centring device for 7" records Protective mat for turntable.
Transparent cover
Weight 4.3 kg
FEATURES Hi-Fi belt drive turntable.
Integrated speakers.
Direct recording function to USB.
USB player.
Precision DC servo motor with quick start and stop.
Auto-stop function.
Straight arm with slow elevation and descent.
Ceramic needle compatible with FONESTAR 970-DST-W and
phonocapsule 2511-DST.
3 speeds: 33/45/78 rpm
Line level output.
Headphone output.
Auxiliary input.
Made of MDF wood.
Finished in PVC and fabric.
SPEAKERS 2 x 2 ¾ " woofer,
3 + 3 W RMS

  Supports memory up to 32 GB Recording quality 256 Kbps 

POWER SUPPLY 5 V DC, 2 A with adapter included
Country of Origin: CHINA

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