Fonestar SONORA 5AWB Active WiFi Surface Speaker- White Each

Rs. 87,990.00

Active Wi-Fi surface speaker
  • Crisp, distortion-free sound
  • Excellent finish and elegant design
  • Play via Wi-Fi, USB and aux input.
  • Multiroom function
  • Quick and easy installation
Active Wi-Fi loudspeaker
  • Based on our extensive experience in the sound sector, FONESTAR has created SONORA.
  • SONORA is a series of speakers specially designed for PA, musical and background sound applications.
  • Its excellent finish and elegant design allow perfect integration in any space.
  • It is an active loudspeaker with a highly efficient and reliable Class D amplifier, thanks to the low-maintenance protection circuitry, which provides a high sound quality with a defined and distortion-free sound.
  • Play music from your smartphone, tablet, Windows or Mac, via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz).
  • It has an App for control from smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), which allows you to connect to online music services and internet radio, send the same music programme to several speakers at the same time with the multiroom function (see note), control the volume of each speaker, customise its name, among other options.
  • It can also play from USB or auxiliary input.
  • Tone and volume controls, mono/stereo selector and automatic standby function.
  • 8 Ω passive speaker output, you can enjoy the stereo sound by adding the mod. SONORA-5B.
  • They include all the necessary accessories for easy and quick installation: adjustable fixing mount, stainless steel screws and steel safety cable.
  • For public address, public address or ambient sound applications in public places such as training rooms, restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, shopping centres, etc.
    FEATURES: Active Wi-Fi loudspeaker with player.
    App for control from smartphones and tablets, WIIM and compatible devices.
    Wi-Fi playback of playlists, online music services and internet radio.
    Multiroom function (see note)
    USB player and auxiliary input.
    Class D amplifier.
    Passive speaker output.
    High and clear sound quality, distortion-free.
    Tone and volume controls.
    Mono/stereo selector.
    Automatic standby function.
    POWER: 25 + 25 W RMS
    LOUDSPEAKERS: 1 x 5 ¼" polypropylene woofer
    1 x 1" tweeter
    RESPONSE: 80-20,000 Hz
    INPUT: 1 stereo auxiliary, 3.5 mm jack, 750 mV RMS
    1 RJ-45 Ethernet (Ethernet data connection)
    OUTPUTS: 1 passive loudspeaker, 8 Ω, euroblock
    CONTROLS : Volume
    Tone: bass and treble
    Mono/stereo selector
    USB playback
    Aluminium grille
    Stainless steel screws
    TEMPERATURE RANGE : -10ºC ~ 60ºC
    COLOUR: White (RAL 9003)
    POWER SUPPLY: 230 V AC, 60 W
    115 V AC upon request
    DIMENSIONS: 162 x 262 x 147 mm depth
    WEIGHT: 2.7 kg
    ACCESSORIES: Adjustable mounting bracket ± 60º in all directions.
    Steel safety cable
    NOTE: Multiroom mode allows multiple speakers to play the same audio simultaneously by grouping them together easily from the APP. One of the speakers will be the main speaker and will be joined by the rest of the group.
    All secondary speakers must be connected to the main speaker via the same means: Wi-Fi (priority if any speaker is connected to the Wi-Fi network) or Ethernet data cable (if no speaker is connected to WiFi). Via Wi-Fi, the secondary speakers will connect to the access point of the main speaker, which creates its own network for the multiroom function. The secondary loudspeakers must be within the range of the main loudspeaker network (approx. 5 - 7 m).


    Country of Origin: CHINA

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