Fonestar FPRO 18012 Passive High-Power Speaker - Each

Rs. 58,990.00

Passive high-power loudspeaker
  • Great power and sound quality.
  • Robust structure and high quality components
  • Carrying handles, suspension points and hole in base for 35 mm tube
High power loudspeaker
  • FONESTAR has developed the FPRO range of high-power loudspeakers, made of wood with high-quality components and wide frequency response.
  • They offer a powerful sound with great nuances, specially designed for installations that require high-quality and powerful speakers.
  • Excellent granulated paint finish,
  • Suspension points for suspended installation and hole in the base for 35 mm tube for mount installation. The front metal grille ensures speaker integrity.
  • Perfect for disco-mobile applications, discos, pubs, gyms, restaurants, events or parties, etc.
    FEATURES: Loudspeaker in reinforced wood.
    Textured paint finish.
    Protective front metal grille.
    Suspension points.
    Hole in the base for the 35 mm tube.
    POWER: 360 W maximum, 180 W RMS
    LOUDSPEAKERS: 1 x 12" woofer: 65 mm coil and 120 mm ferrite magnet
    1 compression driver: 1" diaphragm, 1" mouth, and 25.4 mm coil
    RESPONSE: 60-20,000 Hz (± 3 dB)
    SENSITIVITY: 98 dB at 1 W/1 m
    SOUND PRESSURE: 125 dB at maximum power at 1 m
    DISPERSION: 90º H x 60º V (-6 dB)
    CONNECTORS: 2 x 4-contact loudspeaker connectors
    (1+/2+, 1-/2-)
    CROSSOVER: Passive, 2 way, cut-off frequency 1,750 Hz, -6 dB/octave
    SUSPENSION POINTS: 14 M8 points
    COLOUR: Black
    DIMENSIONS: 340 x 550 x 370 mm depth
    WEIGHT: 13.2 kg

    Country of Origin: CHINA

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