Epson EH-TW5650 - Full HD Home Theatre Projector

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Advanced features are now available with this affordable projector. Enjoy that high quality movie experience at the comfort of your home.

  • White and Colour Brightness at 2,500lm

  • Full HD Resolution

  • 60,000:1 Contrast Ratio

  • Screen mirroring and Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Support MHL-enabled devices

RF 3D Glasses

Uses lightweight, rechargeable and fully adjustable glasses for 3D entertainment

Split Screen

Display content from two inputs simultaneously, side by side, on a single screen.

1080p Resolution

1080p Full HD widescreen resolution

Impressive 3D Image Quality 

Watch bright and vivid 3D images with high colour brightness of up to 2,500lm.

Active 3D with Bluetooth Glasses

Lighter than InfraRed 3D glasses, the Full HD RF 3D Glasses™ are more comfortable and can be connected smoothly via Bluetooth without any transmission interference from obstacles in the room. 

Wide Variety of Colour Modes

Choose from a comprehensive range of colour modes, calibrated to suit your viewing environment and contents.

Dynamic Mode

Enjoy vivid image quality during the day without the need to dim the lights.

Cinema Mode 

Indulge in the authentic cinematic experience in the comfort of your home.

3D Cinema 

Enjoy 3D cinema experiences at the comfort of your home.

High Refresh Rate

With Epson’s bright 480 Hz drive technology, a stunning level of 3D brightness is made possible. The 480 Hz drive technology minimises the “blackout time” of the projector when 3D images are transitioning from frame to frame, giving you the smoothest 3D movie or gaming experience from the comfort of your home.

High Contrast Ratio

Epson Auto Iris Technology adjusts its aperture to provide optimum contrast and brightness for each scene. You’ll be able to project beautiful well-defined images whenever you are, regardless of ambient light.

Wide-range Connectivity 

With integrated support for multiple connection methods, including HDMI to suit a wide range of entertainment devices, this projector makes home entertainment more accessible than ever. 

Flexible Conversion from 2D to 3D

The projector features a unique 2D to 3D conversion function with three levels of image depth. Simply select the screen size and adjust it to your preference, then sit back and be immersed in an engaging movie experience.

Wireless Transmission

Enjoy this convenient solution for smooth and smart projection. With the iProjection app, you can project images directly from Android and Apple iOS tablets and smartphones. Install iProjection for PC application to have wireless projection from PC or laptop.

QR Code Wireless Projection

With iProjection, the QR code displayed by the projector can be read by a smart phone to transmit the device information so you could be connected easily. 

Split Screen

Split screen allows inputs from two separate sources to be displayed side by side on the same screen, for example - you can watch your favourite cooking YouTube video and also the recipes of the dish side by side at the same time.

Detail Enhancement

Heighten your gaming experience by bringing more clarity to dark scenes and enjoy your game the way it was made with detail enhancement. This mode improves the response speed for images* projected at high-speed.


Horizontal Keystone Adjustment

Easily correct and eliminate distorted images with the intuitive one-touch horizontal keystone adjuster. Vertical distortion is detected by the projector itself and is corrected automatically. With a combination of adjustment features to correct image distortion, you’ll be able to enjoy a broader range of placement options.

Superior Placement Flexibility

With the zoom lens and keystone adjustment features, you’ll have a broader range of placement possibilities. Fewer placement limitations mean it’ll be easier for you to relax while enjoying your favourite entertainment on the big screen.

Availability of MHL Port

Watch your images and videos in your smart devices appear larger-than-life with the MHL port. Simply connect your MHL-compatible device with the MHL cable to fully enjoy your contents on the big screen. What’s more, when connected, you can charge your Android smart device and operate it using the projector’s remote control.

Remote Control Function of iProjection

By using “iProjection” your smart device can be used as a remote control. It also includes touch control operation for easier navigation of menus including the “Picture Quality Presets” which can be selected to suit a variety of room environments. 

Frame Interpolation (2D/3D)

Frame interpolation technology inserts new frames between original ones. As a result, blurring is suppressed and moving pictures look much smoother and sharper.

Screen Mirroring 

Intel® WiDi/Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast technology support enables easy wireless transmission of full HD or HD video and sound from PC, smartphones and other devices and helps eliminate bothersome connections and other setup related issues. With support for screen mirroring, you can project tablet screens when you need them without having to connect any cables, making it easy to enjoy home videos or movies from your collection on the big screen. 

Image Enhancement (2D/3D)

A newly developed chip from Epson enables EH-TW5650 to implement an advanced image processing function called “Image Enhancement.” This is a more evolved version of the current “Super Resolution” function and works in combination with the noise reduction processing so you can enjoy clearer and more beautiful image quality.

Home Screen

A home screen image is displayed when the projector starts. The input source display is simple and easy to understand. It allows you to have convenient access to all the functions that you required. 

What's In The Box:

Power Cable: 3m (EH-TW5650)

Remote Control: Yes, with Alkaline AA Battery x2 

Warranty Card (EH-TW5650) 


Projection Technology: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system

Standard Size: 80” screen 2.35-3.82m 

Zoom - Wide: 30” - 300” [0.87-8.9m] 

Zoom - Tele: 30” - 300” [1.42 – 14.5m]

White Light Output (Normal): 2,500 lm / 1,650 lm

Colour Light Output: 2,500 lm

Contrast Ratio: 60,000:1 

Vertical/Horizontal Keystone: ±30° / ±30° (Slide Bar)

Analog Input: D-Sub 15pin: 1 (Blue)

Digital Input: HDMI: 2 (one of terminal supports MHL) 

Audio Out: Stereo Mini Jack x 1

Wireless: Built-in 

USB-Type A: 1 (for 1000mA Power Supply, Slideshow and Firmware Update)

USB-Type B: 1 Mini-USB (for service)

Power Supply Voltage: 100 - 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60 Hz 

Fan Noise (Normal / Eco): 37dB / 27dB

Lens Shift: Vertical: +45% to +60%

3D Display: Yes 

3D Format: Yes

3D Depth: Yes

2D - 3D Conversion: Yes

Dimension Excluding Feet (W x H x D): 309 x 107 x 278 mm

Weight: Approx. 3.5kg

Country of Origin:

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