Elite ER110DHD3 Sable Frame CineGrey 3D, 110-inch Diagonal 16:9, 8K4K UltraHD ALR Fixed Frame Projector Screen

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  • 【GET THE RIGHT SCREEN】: 110-inch Diagonal, 54.0-inch H x 96.0-inch W Viewing Size, 16:9 HD Format Aspect Ratio with a Black Velvet Finished Frame. Overall Assembled Size: 58.7-inch H x 100.6-inch W x 1.6-inch D.
  • 【SHARP & CLEAR IMAGERY】: Screen Material: CineGrey 3D, Angular-Reflective Material with Ambient Light Rejecting Technology Features a 90° Viewing Angle with 1.2 Gain. ISF Certified for Accurate Color and Range, 8K - 4K Ultra HD & Active 3D Ready and Polarized for Passive 3D. GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD UL 2818 Certified for Safety Indoor Emissions free. *NOT compatible with Ultra/Short-Throw Projectors.
  • 【INSTANT SETUP】: Easy to Set-Up Sturdy 2.36-inch Wide 6-Piece Light-Weight Aluminum Frame, Features a Black Velvet Finish Made to Absorb Projection Overshoot while Enhancing Black Levels and Image Contrast.
  • 【WHAT YOU WILL GET】: Sable Frame Includes Full Installation Kit with Adjustable Fix Plates that Achieve an Ultra Flat Projection Surface without Wrinkles or Waves and Sliding Wall Mount Brackets for Easy Hanging and Centering on your wall.
Fixed Frame/ Ambient Light Rejecting Screens- Sable Frame CineGrey 3D Series
Benefits of Using Elite Screens CineGrey 3D Material Projector Screen

What are the benefits of using CineGrey 3D material in a dark room with a white ceiling and walls?

Projecting on a matte white screen material in a dedicated Home Cinema typically requires a darkroom environment for a great theatrical experience. Matte White materials diffuse light in all directions since that is their nature. This means that light will scatter everywhere in the room. That is why a dedicated Home Cinema room should try to have as many black walls and light-absorbing materials to reduce the amount of scattered light. This scattered light eventually reflects back to the projection image and degrades the contrast ratio, color, and black levels, affecting the picture's fidelity.

The CineGrey 3D’s CLR/ALR technology allows the projector’s light to reflect back at the mirror's opposite end. This greatly reduces the amount of light scatter and focuses the light on the viewer’s sweet spot. In addition, the black microscopic layers improve black levels and color purity to increase the contrast ratio vs a matte white screen material.

Available diagonal sizes: 100", 110", 120", 135" and 150" in 16:9 format (Overall assembled screen size is subject to data ±1” tolerance)

CineGrey 3D Material- Overall Enhancement
  • ISF Certified for accurate color points, color temperature, and dynamic range
  • GREENGUARD/GREENGUARD GOLD UL 2818 Certified for the Safety of Indoor Emissions
  • Flame Retardant: Complies with NFPA 701 Standards
CineGrey 3D- Accurate color representation
Undoctored image of actual projector presentation
  • Contrast enhancement over the standard matte white surface
  • Capable of improving brightness, color, and contrast under ambient light conditions
  • 4K/8K Ultra HD, Active 3D, and HDR Ready
  • Polarized for Passive 3D applications
Black Velvet Sturdy Frame
  • Black velvet surfaced covered 2.36″ aluminum frame enhances overall appearance and absorbs projector light overshoot
  • Adjustable fix plates provide equal tension over the entire projection surface
  • Easy to assemble and install in minutes
Typical Matte White vs. CineGrey 3D Material
Undoctored image of actual projector presentation
  • Typical matte white surfaces wash out the images when ambient light cannot be controlled.
  • The CineGrey 3D is the best choice for having a projected image with a balanced color temperature and contrast under such conditions.
Country of Origin: CHINA

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