Elac VARRO PS350 12″ Subwoofer

Rs. 106,900.00

ELAC Varro Premium Subwoofers: Total Performance Begins With Design

  • Eliminate the challenges of placement with ELAC‘s AUTO EQ.
  • ELAC’s new Premium subwoofer series provides unbeatable power and performance with a sleek, modern design. These new models deliver huge performance at an affordable price. With advanced features such as BASH Amplification, Advanced App Control and ELAC’s revolutionary Auto EQ system, the new Premium Series is the perfect solution for completing your home theater or music setup.

Advanced Woofer Design

  • Total Performance Begins With Design
  • Our High Excursion (HEX) surround technology allows for greater extrusion and less distortion.
  • However, to facilitate the extra movement, longer voice coils were required.Meaning our Aluminum Sandwich technology was too heavy.
  • To improve efficiency, our drivers were designed with cutouts arranged in the paper cone prior to gluing to the aluminum cone.
  • The Die Cast backrest ensures strength under load, and a large magnet completes the custom driver.

Custom Designed BASH Amplifier

  • All seven models utilize BASH technology.
  • The discrete implementation of these tracking amplifiers allows for maximum voltage swing, providing all the power that is needed and additional dynamic power throughout the entire operating range of the woofers.

Auto EQ and Advanced App Control

  • Placement of a subwoofer can be challenging. This is because typically they are placed in corners or hidden next to couches causing reflection, peaks or valleys.
  • The principle of ELAC’s Auto EQ, is to remove the effect of the room by making a near-field measurement and comparing it to a far-field (listening position) measurement.
  • This allows a greater degree of freedom for placing the subwoofer where it meets all requirements.
  • As the pioneer of APP-controlled subwoofers, all seven Varro subwoofers include our 3rd generation Sub Control 3.0 App with Auto EQ room correction and easy setup of multiple subwoofers.


  • Speaker Type  Bass Reflex
  • Woofer12” Treated Paper
  • Frequency Response24Hz to 150Hz (Anechoic)  21Hz to 150Hz (In-Room)
  • Maximum Output Level, SPL dB/1m anechoic  108 dB
  • Low Pass Crossover  40Hz to 150Hz
  • Amplifier Power350/700 Watts
  • App Controlled (BLE)   iOS and Android
  • Amplifier Topology  BASH
  • Standby Power Consumption   < 0.5 Watts
  • Inputs   RCA Line Level   Speaker Level
  • Data Connection   USB (Firmware Update)
  • Cabinet Finish  Black Vinyl
  • Included Accessories   Grille  AC Power Cord  Spikes
  • Dimensions (H x W x D)  437 mm x 416 mm x 418 mm
  • Net Weight  21.8 kg



                              Country of Origin: CHINA

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