Ecler CORE 3x3 Transmitter Unit WiSpeak Class Bluetooth® Aux Out Wireless Transmitter - Each

Rs. 103,900.00

  • WiSpeak CORE is the transmitter device that communicates with all the receiver devices to create a WiSpeak wireless network, and takes the role of the Master Unit. Its main functions are to pair and send audio contents to all the receivers (TUBE, CUBE), keeping a stable communication with them, and send also individual configuration commands to each receiver if desired. It also takes care of the global configuration of the system: audio inputs in use, equalization, output levels, etc. CORE is the Master Unit of the Ecler WiSpeak system. Together with TUBE, CUBE and GLOBE, provides a simple and fast wireless installation with up to 500m2 coverage. It includes a WiSpeak grip app available for Android and iOS, which can be used for an advanced set up and fine tuning of the Wireless Pro Audio system.
  • External, universal Power Supply (100-240VAC 50-60Hz)
  • Compatible with WiSpeak grip app for set up and control functions (available for Android and iOS), using Bluetooth® connection
  • 3 audio inputs available:
  • o Analogue stereo, unbalanced. 2 x RCA connectors
  • o Analogue stereo, balanced. 2 x Euroblock 3p connectors
  • o Bluetooth®, class 1 (up to 25 meters range, maximum)
  • 1 x WiSpeak wireless audio signal transmitted (a mono conversion of the selected input)
  • 1 x AUX OUT analogue signal available (a copy of the transmitted WiSpeak signal). It can be used for linking the unit to external audio devices, like amplifiers, mixers or subwoofer units
  • MUTE port, to allow the system’s audio silencing when an external dry contact is closed
  • REMOTE port, to allow a simple general volume control for the end user -within a programmable range- using a WPaVOL or compatible wall panel
  • Maximum number of receivers under control per transmitter device = 24 units. The system can be extended by linking a new transmitter to an existing receiver, creating a second WiSpeak network that shares the audio contents and Master volume with the first (main) one
  • Front panel controls for source (input) selection and general (Master) volume control
  • Recommended maximum range from a CORE transmitter to any WiSpeak paired receiver (TUBE CUBE or GLOBE): 12 meters, with direct line of sight
  • Front panel PAIR key: it allows pairing the receivers to the transmitter quickly and easily, for a basic set up of the WiSpeak system
  • Front panel LED indicators
  • Service USB-C port (not for external power supply, only for service updates & firmware)
  • Frequency band  U-NII 5.1 – 5.8GHz (supported worldwide) Up to 24 non-overlapping RF channels4  DFS support
  • Coverage range   Up to 12m from a TX to any paired RX, direct line of sight
  • Audio channels  WiSpeak CH 1&2
  • Audio transmission   24bit uncompressed, 48kHz SR
  • Digital Audio Sample size   TBC
  • Digital Audio Sampling rate   48kHz
  • Digital Audio Frequency Response  10Hz – 20kHz (-1dB)
  • Digital Audio converters  ADC/DAC Resolution: 24 bits Dynamic range ADC: 96 dB DAC: 98 dB
  • Latency From TX Analog Audio IN to TX AUX OUT <700usec From TX Analog Audio IN to RX AUX OUT <6ms  From TX Analog Audio IN to RX Speaker <6ms
  • Pairing time   Up to 120s
  • Reconnection time   Up to 120s
  • Number of inputs  2
  • Connection type   IN1: 2 x RCA, unbalanced  IN2: 2 x Euroblock 2-pin, balanced
  • Input sensitivity  -10dBV to 0dBV
  • Input impedance   >20kΩ
  • THD + Noise   IN 1&2: <0.015%
  • CMRR    IN2: >60dB @ 1kHz
  • Class  Compliant 5.0, Class 1
  • Range  25m (ideal conditions)
  • Profiles  A2DP1.3/AVRCP1.6/HFP1.6/HSP1.2
  • Supported codecs  SBC, AAC
  • Number of output ports  1 x AUX OUT: Analog, Mono
  • Connection type  3-pin Euroblock, balanced
  • Output impedance  10kΩ
  • USB  USB-C: Service & firmware updates
  • Analogue remote control  RJ-45: Compatible with WPa series analogue volume control panels
  • External MUTE  Euroblock, 2-pin, Normally Open
  • Power supply External, universal Power Supply
  • AC mains requirement  100-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz, using supplied DC adapter
  • AC mains connector  24VDC IN mains inlet
  • Power consumption 0.5A at 24V
  • Paring control   via WiSpeak grip app./front panel button
  • Source selection  via WiSpeak grip app./front panel button
  • Volume control  via WiSpeak grip app./front panel button / remote volume control
  • Tone control via WiSpeak grip app.
  • MUTE control  via WiSpeak grip app./GPI (External MUTE port)
  • Communication interfaces APP
  • Processing  TBC
  • Programing and control  WiSpeak grip app
  • Installation options Wall or under a surface (table, shelf,cupboard, etc.)
  • Environmental TBC
  • Enclosure material  TBC
  • Mounting system  TBC
  • Operating temperature  Min: -10°C ; 14°F Max: 40°C ; 104°F
  • Operating humidity  <85% HR
  • Storage temperature  Min: -10°C ; 14°F Max: 40°C ; 104°F
  • Storage humidity  <90% HR
  • Optional accessories WPaVOL for volume control
  • Finished colour White (RAL 9003) - TBC
  • Dimensions 225 x 120 x 40 mm / 8.9 x 4.7 x 1.6 in. (WxHxD)
  • Weight  0.8 kg / 1.76 lb
  • Pieces per box1 unit
  • Shipping dimensions  510 x 60 x 210 mm / 20.07 x 2.36 x 8.27 in. (WxHxD)
  • Shipping weight  1.2 kg / 2.65 lb
Country of Origin: SPAIN

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