Ecler eSAM603 Installation Analogue Mixer

Rs. 102,900.00

Ecler eSAM603 Product Details
  • ECLER ESSENTIALS eSAM603 is an installation audio mixer in standard rack format with 1 MIC input + 4 MIC/LINE ST inputs + 1 LINE ST input and 3 outputs that can be configured as 1 stereo pair + 1 mono or 3 independent mono, each output having its own mix of available inputs and a 3-band tone control. The talkover function (priority) can be assigned to any input from IN1 to IN5 via the mix output busses. ST/MONO mixing switch for the A/B outputs and MUTE port for external potential-free contact tripping.

  • Channels 6 with independent gain
  • Inputs: 4 x MIC /Stereo Line selectable via push buttons + 1 MIC + 1 LINE ST
  • Outputs: 1 x stereo (or 2 mono, selectable) + 1 x MONO
  • Remote control: MUTE contact (for external potential-free contact triggering)
  • Tone Control: 2 x 3-band tone control (A/B and C)
  • dimensions: 482,6x44x120 mm
  • Weight: 2,1 Kg
  • 4 MIC / ST LINE inputs
  • 1 ST LINE input
  • 1 MIC input
  • 1 ST output o 2 x mono outputs (A and B outputs)
  • 1 mono output (C output)
  • Independent routing of inputs for zones A, B, C
  • 1 AUX/REC output
  • Independent 3-band EQ control for A/B and C outputs
  • MUTE port triggered by external closing of contact
  • Switchable talkover function, from IN1 to IN5 via A, B, C outputs
Country of Origin: SPAIN

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