Denon AVR AVC x8500HA Audio Video Receiver

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  • For us at Denon these are not buzzwords.
  • They are part of the quintessential philosophy behind everything we do.
  • These three words and decades of innovation and engineering excellence is what passionately shapes our entire culture.
  • Every detail of a Denon product is crafted around these words with a single goal in mind:to enhance the entertainment experience.
  • Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a Denon product so iconic.
  • Through a disciplined approach to design and production, our engineers ensure that only superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance goes into every component.
  • Our solutions are often born through passionately studying examples from the widest array of imaginable fields – including physics, electronics, mechanical engineering, art and nature.
  • Our constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component has given us invaluable inspiration for not only the most powerful technical solutions but also the most convenient features to satisfy a diverse set of entertainment needs.
  • That is why we tirelessly transform creative ideas into leading innovations within our industry.
  • Simply put, anything that does not provide more passion, improve performance or enhance the experience does not belong in a Denon.
  • We know because we are not just building these products, we are using them.
  • When you actually experience a Denon product, it’s these higher standards that elevate the senses and enhance your entertainment.That’s the denon difference.

Denon AVR-x8500H

Denon's 13-channel AVR-AVC x8500HA: rock-solid inside and out

  • Denon introduces the world's first 13-channel receiver
  • The team saw a lot of exciting innovations at CES 2018 in las vegas.
  • One of the main highlights was the avr-x8500h, denon's latest flagship home theater receiver.
  • This 13-channel beast (rated at 150 watts per channel) certainly caught our attention.
  • As our correspondent jr put it, "For anyone that wants to do [dolby] atmos, this seems like a go-to product."

New Heights For Overhead Sound

  • The 'x8500h offers the most flexibility for setting up an atmos system that we've ever seen from a single a/v component.
  • You can add as many as six overhead or atmos enabled speakers in up to a 7.1.6 configuration, or you can set up a 9.1.4 system with "Front width" speakers to create a larger soundstage — no additional amp required! And you can use up to two subwoofers, supported by discrete outputs on the receiver, in any atmos configuration.

Loaded With Up-To-The-Minute Features

  • In addition to its impressive dolby atmos capabilities, the 'x8500h supports dts:x and auro-3d for realistic, multidimensional surround sound that puts you in the middle of the action.
  • This receiver also passes 4k video signals, including those encoded with hdr information, to your 4k tv.
  • And it even upscales hd and standard defin.ition video to 4k resolution.
  • Plus you can stream music from different sources and enjoy high-resolution music in your living room — or any room in your house.

Streamline Your Music With Heos

  • Built-in HEOS technology lets you access all your music — from your personal library, internet radio, and popular streaming services like pandora®, spotify®, and tidal — through the 'x8500h.
  • This receiver can be easily integrated into a wireless multi-room audio system. Stream music to HEOS wireless speakers and components in different rooms, and control each room's sound independently with the free heos app.
  • The app lets you control playback, browse music sources, and select which rooms you want to use. Play the same music throughout your home, or listen to something different in each room.

Complete Multi-Room Flexibility

  • The 'x8500h has a "Zone 2" hdmi output so you can watch video from two separate sources in your living room and a second room.
  • With outputs for 15 speakers, you get plenty of options for setting up your home theater exactly the way you want it, and expanding into other rooms (don't forget, it can "Only" power 13 speakers at a time).
  • While going for a full-on 9.1.4 or 7.1.6 atmos system sounds just glorious to us, a simpler 9.1.2 or 7.1.4 atmos system can still provide an awesome home theater experience while leaving you two free channels to power a set of speakers outdoors or in another room.
  • And that's just one example.
  • This receiver supports more speaker configurations than we have room to cover here.
  • Basically, if you're happy using fewer channels in your home theater, it can power speakers in two additional zones.
  • Or you can use one of the extra sets of height channels to bi-amp compatible front speakers for more powerful sound.
  • Or you can just use all 13 channels to power the baddest atmos, dts:x, or auro 3d home theater system anyone has ever seen.

Product Highlights:

Power And Processing:

  • 13-channel amplifier
  • 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 hz) at 0.05% thd, with 2 channels driven
  • Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoding
  • Dolby Atmos processing for use with in-ceiling or "Height" speakers for more enveloping surround sound
  • Supports a range of atmos configurations, including 9.2.4 and 7.2.6
  • Dts:x for an immersive, 3-dimensional soundstage
  • AURO-3d® built-in for three-dimensional soundfields with AURO-3d soundtrack mixes (supports up to a 13.1-channel configuration; future firmware update required)
  • Analog-to-hdmi video conversion
  • Upscales standard-defin.ition video signals to hd and ultra hd (up to 4k)

Audyssey Platinum Speaker Calibration And System Optimization Includes:

  • Multeq® xt32 auto setup and room calibration delivers balanced, dynamic sound with enhanced surround performance for as many as eight seating positions
  • Dynamic volume anticipates loud sounds to keep volume levels even
  • Dynamic EQ improves dialogue, bass response, and surround channel levels at lower volumes
  • Sub eq ht provides individual calibration for dual subwoofers, for even bass response throughout the room
  • Low frequency containment reduces the amount of bass that bleeds into other rooms
  • Audyssey multeq editor app for further audio customization (paid app; not included)
  • Built-in wi-fi for listening to music from a networked pc and free internet radio
  • Includes support for tunein
  • Built-in HEOS technology wirelessly connects compatible heos components for whole home audio
  • Includes support for pandora®, siriusxm, and spotify® (subscription required for some services)
  • Free heos app offers easy wi-fi control, settings adjustments, and music selection and playback
  • Will support apple® airplay® 2 for streaming from compatible ios devices and multi-room music with compatible speakers and components (future firmware update required)
  • Built-in bluetooth® for wireless music listening with smartphones, tablets, and compatible computers
  • Plays high-resolution digital music files via usb storage device or a networked computer (PCM up to 24-bit/192khz resolution; DSD up to 5.6 mhz)
  • Denon's compressed audio restorer improves sound quality of MP3s and other digital music files

Multi-Room Audio/Video:

  • Three-room/three-source output
  • Powered stereo outputs for second and third rooms allow playback in three rooms at once
  • Amp assign feature lets you reassign extra surround channels to second and third zones
  • Line-level outputs for zones 2 and 3 for use with additional receiver, amplifier, or powered speakers
  • Independent HDMI outputs for watching video content from different sources in two zones simultaneously
  • Supports 2nd/3rd zone playback of digital sources
  • Composite video output can be assigned to zone 2
  • Hdmi audio/video switching: 8 in (includes 1 front-panel input), 3 out
  • Hdcp 2.2 technology ensures compatibility with 4k ultra hd sources and tvs (all hdmi inputs and outputs)
  • Hdr-compatible for extended picture contrast and brightness with compatible 4k tvs and hdr-encoded content
  • Supports dolby vision
  • Component video switching: 3 in, 1 out (zone 2)
  • Composite video switching: 4 in, 2 out (includes 1 front-panel input)
  • Digital audio inputs: 2 optical, 2 coaxial
  • 6 analog stereo rca audio inputs
  • Mm (moving magnet) phono input for connecting a turntable
  • 7.1-channel preamp inputs
  • 13.2-channel preamp outputs
  • Two discrete line-level subwoofer outputs for more precise multi-subwoofer setups
  • Front-panel usb port for audio playback from usb flash drives
  • Denon link hd creates a jitter-free connection to compatible denon blu-ray players; requires hdmi connection and proprietary denon link rca-style cable

Ethernet Port For Network Connection

  • Outputs for 15 speakers (front l/r, center, surround l/r, surround back l/r, height 1 l/r, height 2 l/r, height 3 l/r, height 4 l/r)
  • Receiver can power a maximum of 13 channels at once
  • Rs-232c port for use with external controllers
  • Ir in/out and 12-volt triggers
  • 1/4" headphone jack
  • Removable power cord
General Feature
  • 4k/60p and 3d video pass-through
  • Setup assistant guides you through the initial connection process and settings
  • 4 quick select function buttons for one-touch power-up, source selection and recall of volume and audyssey configuration
  • Hdmi standby pass-through allows hdmi switching without powering up receiver
  • Support for third-party control systems by control4 for home automation
  • Intuitive, full-color on-screen guide
  • Bi-amp compatible front left and right speakers by reassigning surround back or height channels
  • Am/fm tuner

Remote Control

  • 17-1/8"W x 7-3/4"H x 18-3/4"D
  • Weight: 17.79 Kg.
  • Warranty: 1 years

What Is In The Box

  • 13.2ch av receiver
  • 6' ac power cord
  • Remote control (rc-1221)
  • Two "Aa" batteries
  • Sound calibration microphone (acm1hb)
  • Microphone stand
  • 2 wifi/bluetooth antennas
  • Fm wire antenna
  • Am loop antenna
  • Quick start guide
  • Safety instructions
  • Notes on radio
  • Warranty information
  • Microphone stand assembly instructions sheet of self-adhesive cable labels
  • Spotify brochure
  • Heos brochure
  • Bluetooth/wifi note
Feature And Specs
  • Number of channels: 13
  • Stereo rms power (watts):150
  • Thd in stereo : 0.05 %
  • Frequency bandwidth (stereo): 20-20k hz
  • Minimum impedance l/r : 4 ohms
  • Minimum impedance center: 4 ohms
  • Minimum impedance surround: 4 ohms

General Features

  • Internet-ready : yes
  • Bluetooth: built-in
  • Apple airplay: built in
  • Chromecast built-in: no
  • App remote control yes
  • Usb port for ipod/iphone : no
  • Fm sensitivity : 12.8 dbf
  • Hd radio tuner : no
  • On-screen display thru : hdmi
  • Auto speaker calibration audyssey multeq xt32
  • Hdcp 2.2 for 4k video: yes
  • Hdr-compatible hdr10, dolby vision, hlg
  • Hdmi standby pass-through yes
  • 4k video upscaling yes
  • Hdmi to hdmi upconversion yes
  • Dlna certified
  • Mhl-compatible: no
  • Multibrand remote control: yes
  • Learning remote: yes

LCD Remote

  • Width (inches) : 17-1/8
  • Height (inches): 7-5/8
  • Depth (inches) : 19-11/16
  • Weight (pounds): 51.4
  • Parts warranty : 3 years
  • Labor warranty : 3 years
  • Multi-room audio: video
  • Powered multi-room audio output: yes
  • Preamp multi-room audio output: yes
  • Multi-room hdmi output : yes

Surround Processing

  • Dolby digital dd, truehd, dd+, ex
  • Dolby atmos: yes
  • Dts dts, hd, hdma, es, 96/24
  • Dts:x : yes

Inputs & Outputs

  • Phono input : 1
  • Audio-video inputs: 8
  • Audio-only inputs: 2
  • Component video inputs: 3
  • Component video monitor outputs: 1
  • Optical digital inputs: 2
  • Coaxial digital inputs : 2
  • Optical digital outputs: none
  • Coaxial digital outputs: none
  • Hdmi inputs: 8
  • Hdmi monitor outputs: 3
  • Subwoofer outputs: 2
  • Discrete subwoofer outputs: yes
  • Multi-channel analog input: no
  • Multi-channel preamp output: yes
  • Main speaker output pairs : 1
  • Main speaker terminals posts
  • Ethernet port : 1
  • Usb connections : 1 front
  • Removable power cord iec 2-prong


    Country of Origin: VIETNAM

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