British Acoustics StudioMix 16.2 DFX - 16 Frame Analogue Mixer with Bluetooth, USB & Dual Effects.

Rs. 49,990.00

StudioMix 16.2 DFX
16 Frame Compact Analogue Mixing Desk with Dual FX

The Studio Live DFX desks feature twin FX from a 24-bit Oliver FX Engine, BT playback, USB Playback / Recording. 2 Aux outputs, PSL Preamps and Hybrid Control. The mixer also has an in-built audio interface for recording directly onto your studio software. The separate aux outs are handy for better control in installations

Technical Specifications
  • Number of Input Channels - 12 Mono+ 2 Stereo Channels, Media Player with USB I BT input
  • Number of Output Channels - Master L+R XLR Output, Zone L+R XLR Output (Sub), USBlntefrace Out Recording Out (2Track), TRSAux, Monitor, FX Mute & Headphone Outputs
  • OliverFX - Dual FX Engine
  • Recording - 2·Track Recording In/Out, USB audio, Interface Connectivity
  • Aux - Balanced XLR Setero Aux Out, One TRS Aux Output
  • Frequency Response - 20Hz to 30KHz 0.5dB
  • Max.Input Level - Mic +24dBu,Line +24dBu, Other +20dBu
  • Max. Output Level - XLR +26dBu, TRS +20dBu
  • Rated Power Peak - 24-bit sigma-delta. 64/128-times oversampling, rate 40KHz
  • Max Input Power - 40Watts
  • Fader11 - 60mm
General Specifications
  • Height - 460mm
  • Width - 402 mm
  • Depth - 108mm
  • Weight - 4.9kg
Country of Origin: UK

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