BIC America Acoustech PL-980 3-Way Tower Speaker (Pair)

Rs. 135,900.00

Acoustech PL-980 Left & Right – 750W 3-Way Tower Speaker w/Lacquer, Dual Active 8” Woofers, Dual Passive 8” Woofers, 5″ Mid & 6 1/2” Horn Tweeter


  • Design: 3-way, six-driver tower speaker.
  • Frequency Response: 22Hz-23kHz
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Drivers: Two high power 8″ active woofers, two 8″ passive woofers, one enclosed 5″ midrange, and one 6 1/2″ mid/high-frequency aluminum dome horn with neodymium magnet.
  • Gold-Plated Terminals: YES
  • Recommended Power: 10-300 watts per channel RMS, 750 watts peak power
  • Impedance: Nominal 8 ohms
  • Dimensions: 47″H x 12 1/2″W x 11 5/8″D, Carton Dimensions: 17W x 15D x 51H
  • Weight: Each (27kg.)

For decades BIC has received numerous top ratings and become recognized for offering audiophile sound for far less than an audiophile price. The new state-of-the-art PL-980 floor speakers not only follow this tradition but take today’s horn-loaded speakers to a new level!

Unlike the majority of horn floor speakers on the market today, the PL-980s incorporate a 3-way multi-driver design rather than a 2-way design. Although many 2-way floor speakers offer outstanding performance, the PL-980’s 3-way design enhances and refines mid frequencies which enables an extended soundstage, dynamic range, and frequency response. Their imaging and lifelike sound is as if looking through the performance stage front to back, very much like what is experienced audibly and visually at a live performance. The end result is the PL-980s reflect the warmth and 3-dimensional sound you would expect from high-end audio but for a fraction of the price!

Perfect for both music and home theatre applications, each PL-980 incorporates two high-power 8” active woofers which deliver low-frequency output. Then, two 8” passive radiators eliminate port noise while extending the bass even further. The midrange is a 5″ closed back driver which delivers the all-important 1000Hz – 5000Hz articulation frequency range. The closed-back prevents interference from the 8” woofers which ensures a clean detailed midrange response. The 6.5” mid/high-frequency horn tweeter produces rich detailed clarity and effortlessly achieves staggering high output to 119 dB (live rock band levels). Each woofer and midrange are fitted with elegant gloss black trim rings for sleek cosmetics. The enclosures include hand-rubbed black lacquer tops and bottoms. This extra step ensures a deep gloss shine that is more scratch-resistant than most lacquer finishes on the market. PL-980s also have an extended 8-year warranty offering one of the longest in the industry!

Designed and engineered to please even the most discriminating listeners, the PL-980s surpass the performance and enjoyment of floor speakers more than three times their price!.

Recommended Placement of the BIC America Acoustech PL-980 3-Way Tower Speaker
*Front of Speaker 18″ – 36″ from the front of the speaker to wall behind the speaker.
*Typical placement- 24″ from the front of the speaker to the wall behind the speaker.
*Placement preference may vary with room size, room damping, and personal sound preferences.

Country of Origin: CHINA

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