Beta3 DT5000HP Professional Class D Power Amplifier | 1800w x 2 @ 4Ω | Stable at 2Ω - 3 Year Warranty

Rs. 101,986.00

DT Series
The DT series is a multi-channel professional amplifier, based on the efficient thermal distribution structure of security, Using a mature concise output circuit, with precise detection and protection control, entirely designed for the target of outstanding reliability. Especially the innovative design of the zero temperature control of intermediate and intermediate frequency correction function, which make product performance using more efficient.
Professional Class D Power Amplifier- Stable at 2ohms
Features The DT series is a series of multi-channel professional Class D amplifiers, designed with the target of outstanding reliability. Designed with the basis of an efficient and safe thermal distribution structure, a concise and straightforward output circuit, and complemented by precise detection and protection control. In particular, the innovative design of the automatic temperature control system and the unique limiting function both contribute to the high efficiency of product performance. With the standardized design and a complete product line, the DT series help meet the needs of diversification in the professional sound reinforcement industry. A comprehensive interface and simplified control functions are in place to contribute to your convenient and flexible applications.
  • A variety of power levels can match your demand.
  • Three optional sensitivities can flexibly match with different systems.
  • With three input-cascaded switches, the input terminals of adjacent channels can be flexibly used to simplify the input wiring of large applications.
  • With the unique limiting function, it will not cause output distortion even if the input is too large, and there are two optional limiting modes to match different types of speakers.
  • A high power supply system and efficient output level can provide strong output capability.
  • Integrated air duct and thermal management and precise temperature control without any temperature difference can ensure the cooling of all components and all heat sources can work orderly and safely.
  • Accurate and intuitive status indicators and independent volume knob, working status, and operation are easily controlled by you.

Power(2ohms): 2800W/CH
Power(4ohms): 1800W/CH
Power(8ohms): 1100W/CH
Input Sensitivity: 0.775V/1V/32dB Switchable
THD (@1kHz): <0.1% @8Ω
IMD (@60Hz/7kHz 4:1): <0.5% @8Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±2dB
Damping Factor: >500 @8Ω, 100Hz
Cooling: Single Cooling Fan Controlled by Temperature
S/N Ratio(@8Ω,1kHz,32dB, A-weighting): >105dB
Rated Power Consumption 7A
Rated Power Supply: 220-230V ~ 50/60Hz
Amplifier Type Class D
Temperature: Working temperature -10°C~40°C Storage temperature -25°C~80°C
Input connector: 2 x XLR
Output Connector(link in): 2 x XLR
Output Connector(power): 2 x NL4
Dimension (W x D x H): 89 x 482 x 279mm / (3.5 x 19 x 11in)
Net Weight: 14 kg / 30.9 lb
Warranty 3 Years

Country of Origin: CHINA

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