Beta3 CS4418A 6 Transducers 4-Way Full Range Cinema Hall LoudSpeaker

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CS Series Cinema Speaker
The Beta Three® CS series is specifically designed to provide state-of-the-art cinema solutions developed and manufactured using the latest technology. The CS series comprises two-way, three-way, and four-way screen channel systems as well as surrounds and subwoofers. This series of professional cinema sound systems offer superior-quality audio and extraordinary reliability, just so to ensure every audience in the room receives the complete sound experience

5 transducers 4-Way Full Range Cinema Speaker
β3 professional cinema speaker series is mainly suitable for all kinds of luxurious theater scale digital stereo system, also applies to theatres, conference rooms, multi-function hall stage amplification systems. Computer design using the latest speaker simulation technology, combined with the latest speaker used materials, processing technology and development, manufacture a series of speakers products. This series of products through unit optimization and computer aided design of materials, to show the high performance-to-price ratio and good reliability guarantee product outstanding amplification performance at the same time.

On the timbre, theater series products combined with the experience of many practical applications, its unique sound radiation characteristics of audience for movies provide the clearest audio-visual positioning and more beautifully with sound quality. unit adopts special magnetic circuit structure, improve the symmetry of magnetic circuit;

Accurate design of intermediate frequency horn, improve the efficiency of the unit also sound, reduce the distortion of the system. Through the adoption of a new generation of highly efficient protection circuit, this series of products can be used to adapt to the relatively poor environment, prolong the service life of the product.

Professional theater series products, through mutual combination, can be applied to different scale of the cinema place, through the installation of the professional structure, can be quickly installed correctly, guarantee the sound performance of the system. High unit adopts high temperature heat treatment of pure titanium diaphragm, copper clad aluminum round wire voice coil compression chamber and the design of linear phase. The speaker unit adopts high magnetic energy optimization. Resulting in low distortion and good ventilation cooling magnetic circuit system. Bass and midrange unit used for special damping coating fabric nonlinear thickness of long fiber paper, on the edge of basin and high-power sandwich voice coil. Alto unit of paper use special glue processing, less distortion, solve two frequency speaker is bad handling of intermediate frequency sound effects.

Low frequency and high frequency separation in cabinet design, put an end to low frequency resonance of high frequency sound of dyeing, make the high frequency sound more natural. Cooperate with preprocessor DSP sound box controller, can give full play to the effect of the speakers. Investigation of high frequency sound absorption sponge filter out unnecessary high frequency harmonic, more pure sound quality. Large opening four unit low frequency part of the inverter hole, even in the case of full power does not produce low frequency compression, thus providing a higher dynamic range.


    •  High SPL, high sensitivity.
    • Two 18" big power woofers.
    • One 12" compression horn mid range transducer.
    • One 44mm compression driver with Neodymium coaxial design.
    • 90°x 60° wide dispersion can get the wide covering.
    • Computer simulating design provide very good Frequency response and phase feature.
    • Very convenient walling installation mode.
    • Suitable for THX,DTS and other muti-channel surrounding sound reinforcement in cinema.
    • Suitable for big/mid cinema audio system. 


    Model CS4418A
    Transducers 2x18"LF + 1x12"MF + 1xT100/Φ44mmHF
    Frequency Response(-3db) LF: 40Hz-350Hz, MF/HF: 90Hz-17kHz
    Rated Power LF: 2000W, MID/HIGH: 800W
    Sensitivity(1w@1m) LF: 101dB, MF/HF: 105dB

    Maximum SPL(1w@1m)
    LF:131dB/137dB, MF/HF:130dB/136dB
    Rated Impedance LF: 4Ω , MF/HF: 4Ω
    Dispersion(hxv) 90°×60°
    Input Spring clip

    LF:820×630×930mm, MF/HF:820×628×1030mm

    Packaging Dimensions(wxdxh)
    LF:930×740×1050mm, MF/HF:1158×955×782mm
    Net Weight LF:91.0kg, MF/HF:35.0kg
    Gross Weight LF:96.0kg, MF/HF:40.0kg



    Country of Origin: CHINA

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