Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D 500W 18 Inches Powered Subwoofer

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The Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D is a 500W 18 inches powered subwoofer, designed with a band-pass design and a lightweight wooden cabinet to provide deep, tight bass for your PA system. With a high-efficiency Class-D amplifier, this subwoofer offers exceptional sound quality for both live and studio applications.

Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D Powered Subwoofer at a Glance:

  • Powerful Class-D amp delivers deep bass
  • Tone shaping controls deliver big bass
  • Convenient speaker management

Powerful Class-D amp delivers deep bass

The Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D delivers a massive wall of bass thanks to its 18" driver powered by 500 watts. The Class D amplifier's efficient design means you can rock all night without having to worry about your sub overheating. And with frequency response down to 40Hz, your audience will hear the complete depth of your music.

Tone shaping controls deliver big bass

It's easy to optimize your sound with the Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D. A variable High Cut control lets you choose the best crossover frequency for your system and room. You also get phase control to make sure your low-end waves are locked-in with the rest of your rig. And thanks to the over-excursion, thermal, and clipping protection circuits, you'll be sure to get clean sound even when pushing the Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D to its max.

Convenient speaker management

The speaker management features on the VQ1800D make it easy to set up your system. Connect your main mix to the stereo inputs of the sub, then connect your main speakers to the hi-pass-filtered outputs. Then adjust the variable hi-cut frequency for the sub to find the perfect balance between sub and speakers. And if you need to add-on even more speakers to your system, the VQ1800D gives you an additional two full-range outputs.

Behringer Eurolive VQ1800D Powered Subwoofer Features:

  • Fill the club with bass thanks to the powerful and efficient CLass-D amplifier
  • Puts out powerful, clean bass thanks to 500 watts RMS an 18" driver
  • Built-in overload and heat protection gives you confidence to run this sub long and loud
  • Variable crossover control lets you optimize the sub for whatever venue you find yourself in
  • Two hi-pass filtered outputs and two full-range outputs make it easy to combine with multiple speakers

Pump up the bass with Behringer's Eurolive VQ1800D powered subwoofer!

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