Audio Pro Addon C-SUB WiFi Wireless Multi-Room Subwoofer - Black

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 Audio Pro Addon C-SUB WiFi Wireless Multi-Room Subwoofer - Black

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POWERFUL BASS: The wireless Addon C-SUB multiroom home audio subwoofers are distinctively small, but deliver a massive punch that you can feel. It’s a perfect 23cm cube of heart-pounding, definitive bass enjoyment. Wireless auto-connect to the nearest Audio Pro multiroom speaker, or play old school with an RCA aux cable. Easy to place, easy to love. More bass to your music, with less wire clutter.
BASS PROOF YOUR HOME: The C-Sub home theater subwoofer matches perfectly with any Audio Pro multiconnected speakers for a more profound sensation of your music. You can add as many C-SUB subwoofers as you like in your multiroom or home theater speakers setup. In the app, everybody can play their personal music on whichever speaker they want. Or all of them.
CONTROL THE POWER: Power is nothing without control. This compact subwoofer has a variable crossover and you can shift phases for easier placement and adjustment to your room. The perfect bass speaker for your home stereo system!
MULTIROOM SOUND AND USAGE: Multiroom sound and multi-person usage. Group and play, set to left/right for stereo pairs. Play all together. Or not. You choose. Our focus since the beginning in 1978 has been better bass from small enclosures. Powered subwoofers are in our blood.
TOP QUALITY SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIERS & DRIVERS: Boosting 200W Digital class D Woofer: 6.5” long throw Passive radiators: 2 x 7.5". Choose your connectivity preference! Connect to your electronic device wirelessly or with RCA in. Wireless Auto Connect for simple setup.

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Country of Origin: ROC

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