ArtSound PRH-4240 Amplifier, 100V & 8 ohm, 4x 240W class D, 1U - Each

Rs. 115,900.00

Compact in size and with a low power consumption. Provide speaker power for up to 4 different zones in all kinds of projects. Professional 4-channel 100V power amplifier in an extremely compact 19” 1U housing. The high efficient class D architecture guarantees high power, low distortion coupled with a very low heat dissipation.

  • Frequency range 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Dimensions 44 x 484 x 420 - 19”/ 1U
  • Weight/piece 8,8 kg
  • Power supply 220 V AC
  • Zones 4
  • LED level indicator Yes
  • Output capacity 100V 4 x 240W
  • Safety Over-voltage and power surges
  • Cooling automatic ventilator / thermal sensor

Country of Origin: CHINA

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