Ahuja TZA-1500 PA Mixer Amplifier 150W, 6 Mic & 2 Aux Inputs, Auto AC/DC, Tone Control - Each

Rs. 18,700.00

  • 6 Mic & 2 Aux Inputs.
  • Preamplifier output for connecting to a Booster Amplifier and for recording the programme.
  • Bass & Treble Controls.
  • TZA-1500 permits connecting 100V (LMT) type speakers to one Zone and low impedance type speakers to other Zone without causing overloading and overheating.
  • Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC
  • power fails.
  • Zone On/Off facility. Output levels of each Zone can be set independently to desired levels and the zones can be switched On/Off without disturbing the volume settings.
  • Power Output  100W + 100W Max., 80W + 80W RMS at 10% THD, 70W + 70W RMS at 5% THD, 60W + 60W RMS at 2% THD
  • Output Regulation  ≤ 2 dB, no load to full load at 1kHz
  • Input Channels  6 × Mic 0.6mV/4.7kΩ, 2 × Aux 100mV/470 kΩ
  • Frequency Response  65-15,000Hz ±3dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio  60dB
  • Tone Controls  Bass: -10dB at 100Hz, Treble: -10dB at 10kHz
  • Outputs  Preamp 200mV/600Ω
  • Speaker Outputs  4Ω, 8Ω, 70V & 100V for each zone
  • Power Supply  AC: 220-240V 50/60Hz DC: 12V (12V Car Battery)
  • Power Consumption  AC: 300VA DC: 6A
  • Dimensions  W460 × H155 × D310 mm
  • Weight  14.2kg
Country of Origin: CHINA

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