Pre Out Explained

Pre Out
Pre OutSome pieces of equipment don’t need amplification. They’ve got their own amplifier, and they don’t need any external power messing with them, thank you very much.

If you still want to connect them to your receiver, you’d send signal out to them using this section.

This is important for one major thing: the subwoofer. Most subs have their own power, and so need to be connected up separately from the rest of the speakers. In almost all cases, all you have to do is connect them straight to the port labelled ‘Subwoofer’ with the included cable.

However, as in this case, you might see additional connections there. What are they for? If you want to add additional speakers to your setup, and use a separate amplifier (perhaps to take advantage of raw power, or particular sonic character) then this is where you connect them up. We are getting into serious gearhead territory here, so don’t worry too much if you don’t use these particular ports. For most people, a connection for the subwoofer will be more than enough.

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