How We Chose our List of 5.1 Home Theater Systems  ?

How We Chose our List of 5.1 Home Theater Systems ?

his isn't about just shoving the most expensive speakers and receivers into a list. It's about pairing - about finding the combos that work well together. Obviously, price is an indicator of quality, but we also take into account sound quality, value, build quality and easy-of-use. The brands featured in our quest for pointing you to the best 5.1 surround systems are all well-known, with decades of experience in the field of home theater. We've gone for complete 5.1 speaker systems (as opposed to individual components), and in most cases, we've suggested a great receiver to pair. We've made sure to highlight the best systems and receivers in a few key categories, meaning you should be able to find one that works for you - no matter what your budget. Whether you have Rs.. 50000 or Rs. 100000, we've got something for you.
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