Polk s15 Bookshelf Speakers + s10 Surrounds + S35 Slim Center - Dolby 5.0 Surround Sound Speaker Package # SP024

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Rs. 77,500.00

The Polk Signature Series design is far more stylish than we expect to see in such an affordable speaker line.

The Polk Signature Series is the best deal we’ve found in a surround-sound speaker system.

  1. The Signature line includes a variety of models, but we recommend the S15 for the front left and right channels, the S10 as surround speakers, and the S35 center speaker.

  2. In our tests, this combo’s performance was competitive with everything we encountered in its price range—and better than that of many more-expensive systems evaluated and tested by us.

  3. The S15’s sound was robust enough to play at high volumes without distortion.

  4. The S35 center channel sounded clear for dialogue in our tests, and its low-profile, 4.1-inch-high design lets it sit in front of most TVs without blocking the picture.

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           S15                   S35                  S10

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