Pioneer SP-FS52 Tower Home Theater Speaker - Pair

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About The Pioneer SP-FS52
Audiomaxx brings you the Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers created by world-renowned speaker engineer Andrew Jones. Designed with uncompromising attention to detail, these 130W speakers offer extraordinary performance and remarkable sonic quality to deliver a piece of fantastic music and home theatre experience.
The Pioneer SP-FS52 incorporates three high-performance 5.25" woofers with oversized magnets for powerful bass and a 1" high-efficiency soft dome tweeter with a custom waveguide for superior high-frequency reproduction. With true curved cabinet design, the SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sound a class apart.
With 3-way bass-reflex design and high sensitivity, these floorstanding speakers are designed by Andrew Jones to deliver an audiophile-grade performance at an affordable price-point. You can use them as a standalone stereo music system or part of a multi-channel setup for an immersive experience in your home theatre system.
2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Legendary Design by Pioneer and Andrew Jones
Pioneer has been the industry leader in audio design and engineering for over 70 years. Designed by Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones, the Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers embody all his expertise and passion for high-end audio reproduction.
High-performance Woofers
The Pioneer SP-FS52 features three high-performance 5.25" woofers with an added structured surface. This not only improves rigidity but also bass accuracy. Pioneer's engineers have also vented the pole piece to significantly improve bass response from the same size woofers.
Clear Tweeter With a Custom Waveguide
To widen the sweet spot, the Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers feature a 1" high-efficiency soft dome tweeter with a custom waveguide. The newly designed crossover not only increases tweeter efficiency but also allows the speaker to deliver higher output using less power.
Advanced Crossover Design
The Pioneer SP-FS52 features a sophisticated 8 component high-quality crossover. This advanced crossover increases speaker efficiency and ensures a high-quality sound that makes its presence known.
Beautifully Engineered Curved Cabinet Design
The Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers feature a curved cabinet design that not only makes the speakers aesthetically pleasing but also significantly enhances the listening experience. Special care has been taken to incorporate a stiffer design to reduce standing sound waves inside the cabinet. The elegant and appealing speaker grills protect the speakers and removable if you prefer to see the drivers exposed.
A Taller Speaker for Added Realism
Based on feedback received from the users, the speaker's height is increased by 3 inches in comparison to its predecessors. The result is an improved sound quality due to the speakers being closer to the ear-level. Whatever your system or the audio source may be, the Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers are ready to bring an impressive listening experience.
Key Features 
  • 130 Watt power handling
  • RF molded curved cabinet
  • Three 5.2.5” structured surface woofers
  • 1” high-efficiency soft dome tweeter
  • Oversized magnets with a vented pole piece for an improved bass response
  • Gold-plated 5 way binding post connector
  • Advanced 8 element crossover
  • Improved sensitivity for an efficient power output
Product Highlights:
  • Enclosure- Bass-reflex floor standing
  • Configuration- 3-way
  • Frequency Range- 40 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Impedance- 6 Ohms
  • Sensitivity- 2.83 V: 87 dB
  • Input Power- 130 W
  • Crossover Frequency- 250 Hz & 3 kHz
  • Magnetic Shielding- No
  • Woofer- 3 x 5.3" / 13.5 cm
  • Tweeter- 1 x 1" / 2.5 cm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)- 8.9 x 35.2 x 10.6" / 22.6 x 89.4 x 26.9 cm
  • Weight-  11.7 kg Each.
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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