Monitor Audio Mass 5.1 Satellite / Onwall Dolby Speaker Set - Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package # SP028

Rs. 124,990.00
Rs. 124,890.00

It's great news from American Hi-Fi magazine The Absolute Sound, 
as Monitor Audio wins four Editors Choice Awards

Monitor Audio’s compact MASS home cinema system. Its sculpted space-efficient design, packed with technology and easy-installation features, offers jaw-dropping audio dynamics with décor-friendly styling, making the introduction of home cinema sound into any living space a simpler and more satisfying experience.


  • 4" bass midrange driver featuring C-CAM cone technology.
  • Specially developed 1" C-CAM tweeter design featuring unique venting and rear loading chamber – low resonance design to provide clean, pure sound.
  • Damped polymer moulded cabinet with internal ribbing.
  • The curved shape helps to eliminate un-wanted standing waves.
  • Single point fixing (1/4" UNC) for universal wall bracket installation (not provided).
  • Concealed, discreet cable termination inside end cap using binding post type connection.
  • Single bolt through driver and bracing system, for increased overall bracing and rigidity.
  • Single rear mounted port featuring HiVe® technology for clean, powerful, punchy bass.
  • Black cloth finish with contrasting solid aluminium end caps.
  • Optional floor-stand with internal (pre-wired) cable management system.
  • 10" flat ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator)
  • 220watt class-D power amplifier
  • DSP providing accurate filter characteristics
  • Advanced limiters designed to ensure the W200 never loses control.
  • 3 x pre-set bass modes (Music, Movie, Impact)
  • 12 V trigger input – ensures W200 switches on and off with other equipment.
  • Heavy duty MDF construction


  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Package includes:

  1. 5 x Monitor Audio Mass 10 Satellite Speakers (Front, Centre & Surround)
  2. 1 x Monitor Audio Mass W200 powered subwoofer

HiVe II Port Technology

Introducing the latest type of port technology which relies on a straight rifled design to accelerate the air flow and minimize distortion. HiVe II technology is armed with the feature to move air in and our much quicker than a run-of-the-mill, conventional port, resulting in extremely fast and powerful bass coupled with superior transient response.
Gold Dome C-CAM

The gold dome tweeter is shaped from a ceramic-covered aluminum/magnesium combination, gold anodized to a particular thickness for perfect firmness and damping qualities. Its new profile and surround geometry have been created utilizing propelled displaying apparatuses, to give the ideal characteristics to exact sound proliferation. The new structure moves the first order of breakup to past 35kHz, creating a linear response route past audibility, which coordinates the wide frequency bandwidth capacity accessible from HD music and film sound arrangements. Moreover, the gold dome is slender and lighter, more rigid and therefore extremely efficient than the domes that are produced using different materials which are prone to distortion to the audio band.

C-CAM Drivers

A special quality about ceramic coated aluminium/magnesium material is that it is extremely lightweight and rigid and is perfect to create amplifier cones in order to yield high overall efficiency. While being manufactured, the aluminum/magnesium alloy experiences a three-stage pressure soothing procedure to expel surface twisting and atomic shortcoming. When shaped, the alloy cone is exposed to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of unadulterated ceramic alumina is exhausted onto its surfaces to a depth of 50 microns, creating a totally inflexible sandwich of alloy and dissipating ceramic material. Regular cones are at risk to flex or bend in activity, creating a huge dimension of audible distortion whereas C-CAM cones have an a lot higher resistance from twisting pressure and along these lines display a lot more prominent loyalty over their whole operating range. C-CAM tweeters and woofers share a perceptible consistency delivering a smooth change of frequencies and a feeling of authenticity and attachment in the soundstage.
Powerful bass reproduction from a compact subwoofer

When the input cables are associated and the controls are set as per the initial set-up procedure mentioned above, the MASS W200 can be connected to the main control supply and switched on at the mains control switch. It is advised to not play any music or motion pictures at this phase as the auto set up of the AV amp (if utilizing one) will need to be run. On the off chance that your amp has an auto set up system, run this now with the volume set to around 10 o'clock. This should be sufficient for the AV amp to get the right settings. In case you don't have an auto set up or are utilizing a stereo amp associated with the left and right inputs, set the crossover as per your fundamental speakers. If you are using the MASS 10's this ought to be around 80Hz, but experimentation is advisable. When the auto set up is finished, check that the subwoofer settings on the AV amp are right.

The crossover frequency ought to be generally 80Hz and the dimension ought to be not anymore/not exactly +/ - 3dB. If not we would recommend modifying accordingly. You can now play an assortment of music/film selections that you want to and adjust the levels of the MASS W200 to a point where it integrates with the rest of the system and to where you are happy and satisfied with the audio. The volume of the amp is quite adjustable and can be changed in accordance with a normal listening level once you are certain everything is working effectively to double check your sub- woofer level settings.

Speaker Stands Not Included **


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