Klipsch RP8000F Tower Speakers Set + SPL150 Powered Subwoofer - 3.0 Speaker Package # SP043

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About the Klipsch RP-8000F + SPL-150
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    Warranty Info :

    • 5 Years Klipsch Speakers
    • 1 Year Klipsch Subwoofer

      Klipsch  Reference Premiere RP-8000F 

      Product Highlights:

      • 1" LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) titanium diaphragm tweeter with Tractrix® horn
      • Dual 8" Cerametallic™ cone woofers with rigid and lightweight voice coils
      • Frequency response: 32-25,000 Hz (±3dB)
      • Sensitivity: 98 dB
      • Power handling: up to 150 watts RMS (600 watts peak)
      • Impedance: 8 ohms compatible
      • Bass-reflex design with rear-firing Tractrix port
      • Magnetically attached grille for a clean, streamlined look
      • eBony black vinyl finish with scratch-resistant design
      • 5-way binding post speaker terminals
      • Two sets of input terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring

      Features and Specs


      • Enclosure: Bass Reflex
      • Finish: MDF/Wood-grain vinyl
      • Color: Walnut
      • Tweeter: Tractrix Horn
      • Tweeter Size (inches) : 1
      • Midrange Size (inches): N/A
      • Woofer Size (inches): 8
      • Woofer Composition: Cerametallic
      • Woofer Surround: Rubber
      • Built-in Powered Sub: No
      • Video-Shielded: No
      • Connector Type: Post
      • Bi-amp Inputs: Yes


      • Power Range: 150
      • Frequency Response: 32-25k Hz
      • Sensitivity : 98 dB
      • Impedance (Ohms): 8
      • Subwoofer Amp Power ---
      • Height (inches) : 43-1/4
      • Width (inches) : 10-7/8
      • Depth (inches) : 17-1/2
      • Weight: 27.21 Kg

        Klipsch SPL-150

        Deep Bass that You Can Hear and Feel

        I absolutely love sitting down to watch a movie on my home theater system. And a big part of that experience is the visceral impact that my Subwoofer delivers — I love hearing and feeling bass. If you do too, the Klipsch SPL-150 is a powerhouse that's worth considering for your system.

        This hard-hitting 15" sub is powered by a high-octane 400-watt amplifier. It's an excellent choice for medium- to large-sized rooms where you want theater-quality bass with movies, music, or video games.

        Easy System Integration

        A line-level/LFE (Low-Frequency Effects) input lets you easily connect the SPL-150 to almost any home theater or stereo receiver. Its back-panel gain, crossover, and phase controls help you fine-tune the bass to your liking, and blend its sound into your system.

        Put a Stop to Shaking, Rattling, and Rolling

        Quick story: my living room has glass bookshelf and fireplace doors, along with tall windows that line three of its walls. All of these used to rattle like crazy when the bass hit during movies. It drove me nuts!

        One day I decided that I'd had enough. I bought an isolation platform to decouple my sub from the hardwood floor. Voila! Just like magic, the rattling and vibrations instantly disappeared. I even had to dial the sub back because the bass was suddenly stronger. It is without a doubt the best money I've ever spent on my system.

        Product Highlights:

        • 400-watt RMS Class D amplifier (800 watts peak power)
        • 15" front-firing Cerametallic™ cone woofer
        • Frequency response: 18-125 Hz
        • Front slot port with internal flare technology for reduced turbulence and flexible installation
        • Variable low-pass crossover
        • Phase switch to fine-tune the subwoofer to your room and main speakers
        • Line level/LFE (low frequency effects) input
        • Auto on/off
        • Compatible with the Klipsch WA-2 wireless audio kit
        • Durable MDF cabinet finished with brushed black polymer veneer
        • 19-1/2"W x 21-1/2"H x 23-3/4"D
        • Weight: 34.21KG