Dynaudio Xeo 5 A Slimline Floor Standing Speaker Set With Built-In Amplifier Delivering High-End Sound Quality

Rs. 259,900.00

Xeo 5
The optimum wireless floor standing loudspeaker with genuine high-end sound quality.

Xeo 5
A slimline floor standing speaker with built-in amplifier and no speaker cables delivering high-end sound quality – previosly inconceivable before the Xeo 5.

As with the compact Xeo 3, the innovative Dynaudio speaker technology is featured, but in the Xeo 5 dual mid/ bass drivers and a larger cabinet volume are utilized. In concert with the high-performance digital amplifier, an incredibly deep bass response is achieved, allowing the Xeo 5 to perform magnificently even in larger spaces. These technologies unite with the advanced Dynaudio soft dome tweeters in the Xeo 5 to deliver a perfectly balanced and incredibly dynamic reproduction of music that remains powerful yet rich in clarity and detail.

You’ll be impressed by the voluminous, the full sound and intensity of every note, even when enjoying live performances. A pair of Xeo 5s flanking the flat screen TV outperforms the sound of any built-in speaker or sound bar, and provides the feeling of a home cinema – even without a subwoofer. Normally this sound quality is only reserved for a meticulously configured hi-fi system – but the Xeo 5 already has the ideal amplifier built in, and what’s more, it’s wireless!

Dynaudio Xeo 5 Features and Setup
It's the Xeo Transmitter that really differentiates the Xeo 5 from a normal active floor standing speaker and in conjunction with the provided remote control, it effectively acts like a mini preamp. You simply connect your PC or Mac to the transmitter via the provided USB cable and you can send audio wirelessly to the Xeo 5 speakers. The transmitter has a USB port, an optical digital input, an Aux In and analogue stereo RCA connectors, although the latter two will be converted to digital before being sent to the speakers. There is a second USB port for connecting the provided transformer when using the optical or analogue inputs but power can be provided via the main USB port when that's in use, making the transmitter very portable. The combination of the speakers, transmitter and your computer really limit the numbers of boxes, simplifying the system and minimising cabling.

The Xeo 5s look gorgeous thanks to a black lacquered finish and the build quality is excellent.
The build quality is excellent and the Xeo 5 has a beautifully engineered appearance that really feels like a high-end audiophile product, with each speaker using an internally braced, rear ported cabinet made from 18mm MDF with a 25mm front baffle. Behind the full length cloth grilles there are two 5-inch woofers that use Dynaudio's proprietary magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) mid/bass cones. This pair of woofers works in unison with a 27mm soft dome tweeter that handles the higher frequencies. Overall each speaker measures 170mm wide, 922mm high and 275mm deep and weighs a fairly hefty 16.7kg. The cabinet sits on a built-in plinth that uses four flat circular feet rather than the more traditional spikes and at the bottom rear, beneath the bass port is a control panel. This is where the 50W digital amplifier is located and here you'll also find the connector for the provided power cable and the on/off button. There is an LED indicator on both the speaker and the transmitter that is red when in standby and blue when a connection has been made. There is a switch for selecting whether you intend to you the Xeo 5 as a single mono speaker within a multi-channel setup or as either the left or right speaker in a stereo pair. You can also select which room it is in, with the option of having up to three different speaker setups in the same house from a single Xeo Transmitter.

Frequency response: 36 Hz – 22 kHz
Power consumption: 4 – 76 W
Power consumption standby: 0.6 W (network active)
Power rating: Woofer: 50 W, Tweeter: 50 W

Dimensions (W x H x L): 170 x 922 x 260/275 mm (6.7 x 36.3 x 10.2/10.8 inch)
Weight: 16.7 kg Each
Power supply: 100 – 230 V ( Suitable For India Homes )
Finishes: Satin Black Lacquer

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