Denon DSB250BT Envaya™ - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker

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About the Denon DSB250 Envaya™

Tough and Tuneful

The Denon DSB250 Envaya portable Bluetooth speaker looks great with its rounded edges and smart two-tone cloth covering. And it delivers amazingly clean, clear sound for a speaker this compact. Plus, it's waterproof and dust-proof. So take it to the beach, the lake, or even on an overnight camping trip. It's submersible down to a meter for as long as 30 minutes, so an accidental dunk or sudden downpour won't stop the music.

High Quality Bluetooth Audio

The system features aptX® audio coding, an advanced form of Bluetooth. It can deliver near CD-quality sound with compatible Bluetooth devices. The Envaya is backward-compatible with earlier forms of Bluetooth, too. So you can wirelessly stream music from just about any smartphone and still enjoy the impressive sound.

Built-in Mic for Conversations and More

The Envaya's built-in microphone lets you carry on hands-free conversations using your paired smartphone. And if you have an iPhone®, there's an added bonus. You can control your device using Siri voice commands, relayed through the Envaya.


Premium Denon Sound: Tuned by Denon's class leading audio engineers, the Envaya (DSB250BT) Bluetooth speaker has been painstakingly crafted to achieve premium sound quality. Implementing innovative digital sound processing techniques, powerful amplifiers, and high-quality drivers, the speaker is capable of creating an immersive soundscape that easily annunciates the subtlest of high notes, whilst simultaneously having the ability to deliver deep bass tones with complete control and clarity.
  • Passive Radiator Design: The Envaya (DSB250BT) features two 1.5625" proprietary full-range drivers paired with dual 2" x 5.3125" passive bass radiator that fit neatly into this speaker's compact design.
  • Class D Amplification: The two 1.5625" proprietary full-range drivers are powered by a highly efficient 13.5-watt x 2 channel Class D amplifier for a total system power of 27 watts.
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing): The powered speaker's performance is finely tuned with a range of advanced, onboard, patented signal-processing technologies that "intelligently" provide the best possible sound performance from any connected source.
Water & Dust Proof: The Denon Envaya (DSB250BT) is water and dustproof. The official rating is IP67, which means that the speaker can stand in 1m of water for 30 minutes without damage. To achieve this all connectors are covered by a cap, gaps are closed by gaskets, and the chassis is water-resistant which means altogether no water can enter the unit for a certain period.

Built-In Bluetooth: The Denon Envaya (DSB250BT) is equipped with Bluetooth 4.2 with support for wireless audio streaming (A2DP), hands-free communication (HFP), Siri voice control, and simple secure pairing (SSP). The Envaya has a Bluetooth wireless range up to 98'.
  • Wireless Audio Streaming: The Envaya (DSB250BT) supports Bluetooth Audio Streaming allowing you to wirelessly stream stored music, music apps, and other audio content on your Bluetooth-enabled source device (such as your smartphone, tablet, or computer) to the speaker. Envaya is compatible with a wide range of codecs, including Bluetooth's standard SBC codec, Apple's AAC codec, and the high quality. Qualcomm aptX codec. Envaya automatically selects the optimum compatible codec for your Bluetooth device so you can enjoy the high-grade wireless sound. Qualcomm's aptX® Low Latency codec offers "CD-like" (16-bit/44kHz) audio streaming over Bluetooth, minimizing latency and "lipsync" issues (Bluetooth source device must also support aptX).
  • Hands-Free Communication: Thanks to support for Bluetooth hands-free communication and a built-in microphone, the Envaya can be used as a speakerphone and answer incoming calls to your Bluetooth connected mobile phone. When receiving an incoming call, music playback will be paused and a ring tone will be heard. Simply press the "Phone" button to answer an incoming call and speak into the built-in microphone; the other party will be heard through the built-in speakers. Once the call is ended, music playback will resume. If you own an Apple iOS device with Siri, you can use voice commands to dial a phone number or saved contact.
  • Siri Voice Control: If you own an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad with Siri, you can activate the digital voice assistant by pressing and holding the "Phone" button on the speaker and then speaking into the Envaya's built-in microphone. Siri's voice will be heard through the Envaya speaker. Use Siri to help with music playback with voice commands such as play music, skip track, pause music, turn the volume up/down, and more. You can also use Siri to help you dial a phone number or a saved contact. In addition, you can activate Siri for other tasks like weather, news, and sports updates.
  • Multi-Device Pairing w/ Two-Device Connection: Out of the box and powered on for the first time, the unit will directly enter the pairing mode. Simply open the Bluetooth setup on your source device and confirm the "Envaya" pairing. If at a later stage, you want to pair another unit just press the Bluetooth button on the speaker for a second and you are ready to play. You can pair up to eight devices and keep two devices connected at a time, so you can easily switch back and forth between your Bluetooth devices (however, multiple Bluetooth devices cannot be played back at the same time).
Stereo Link: If you are needing more power or just want to have a real stereo setup, you can pair two of the Envaya (DSB250BT) speakers together via Bluetooth. One speaker will take over the left channel and the other the right channel for true stereo sound separation. Pressing and holding the "Pairing" button for 5 seconds will enable the Stereo Link mode.
  • When Stereo Link is connected, the volume of each Envaya speaker is fixed to the maximum value. You will need to adjust the volume level on your Bluetooth source device.
  • Stereo Link is disconnected when the Envaya speakers are powered off. You will need to reestablish the Stereo Link when the speakers are powered on again.
  • The Stereo Link function does not support aptX playback (only SBC or AAC Bluetooth codecs).
Aux Input: In addition to wireless Bluetooth connectivity, the Denon Envaya (DSB250BT) is outfitted with a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connection of almost any external audio device with an analog output or headphone jack.
  • Note: A Bluetooth connection takes priority over the speaker's Aux input. When a Bluetooth device is playing back music, stop playback on the Bluetooth device and then connect your wired source to the speaker's Aux input. If Bluetooth playback is started while another audio source is connected to the speaker's Aux input, the Denon Envaya automatically switches over to the Bluetooth audio source.
USB Charging Port: The Denon Envaya (DSB250BT) is capable of recharging the battery of your Bluetooth source device from the speaker's built-in USB (type-A) port. Simply connect your mobile device to the Bluetooth speaker with the USB cable that comes with your device. Now you don't need to carry an extra charger to keep your devices powered up. When Envaya (DSB250BT) is running on battery power, USB charging is automatically disabled when the battery level becomes critically low.
  • Note: This USB port does not support audio playback.
Rechargeable Battery: The Denon Envaya (DSB250BT) includes a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 13 hours of playback (playback time may differ depending on the ambient temperature, playback volume, and usage conditions). The built-in battery can be recharged using the included micro USB-to-USB cable and a USB/AC power adapter (sold separately). A full charge takes about 3.5 hours when using a USB/AC power adapter that is rated a 2.1A or higher. There is a battery indicator on the speaker that use 5 LEDs to indicate the charge of the battery. You will need to press and release the "Power" button on the speaker to check the remaining battery life (the remaining battery level is displayed for approximately 2.5 seconds).
  • Note: Envaya automatically turns off when there is no audio output from a Bluetooth source device for approximately 15 minutes and the unit is not operated during this time. If a stereo minijack cable and source is connected to the Envaya, the speaker automatically turns off automatically after 8 hours.
Carry Strap: The Envaya (DSB250BT) speaker is compact, lightweight, and comes with a carry strap making it extremely portable. The carry strap is designed to be wrapped around your wrist or held in your hand. The carry strap must be installed and can be removed.


Product Highlights:

  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX® technology for high-fidelity streaming with compatible devices
  • two 1-9/16" full-range drivers with a 2" x 5-5/16" passive radiator to reinforce low tones
  • 27 watts total power (13.5 watts x 2 for full range drivers)
  • IP67-rated waterproof and dust-proof
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls and voice commands
  • Compatible with Siri voice commands when paired with an iPhone
  • Stereo headphone minijack
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 13 hours of continuous operation
  • USB charging port (charging cable included)
  • Carry strap
  • 8-1/4"W x 3"H x 3-1/8"D
  • Weight: 0.75kg.
  • Warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box:

  • Bluetooth portable speaker
  • 17" micro USB-to-USB cable
  • Carry strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Instructions