Bose® Panaray® 402® Series IV - Modular Commercial OnWall / Surface Mount Speaker - Each

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About the Bose® Panaray® 402® Series IV

Improve Sound Indoors and Out With Bose® Panaray® 402® Speakers

The Panaray® 402® Series IV speaker offers a creative approach to sound reinforcement for indoor and outdoor business spaces. The 8-ohm speaker features four 4-1/2" full-range drivers with no built-in crossovers. This design helps them cut through ambient noise to provide excellent vocal clarity. Bose's proprietary Articulated Array® driver layout ensures even coverage over a wide area.

Active EQ Required

Bose recommends active equalization for optimum speaker performance. The ControlSpace® SP 24 processor and several compatible Bose Professional amplifiers offer preset EQ curves for the Panaray 402 and other Bose speakers.

Plenty of Mounting Options

Bose offers several optional mounts that let you use these space-saving speakers where you need coverage most. There are indoor-only and weather-resistant versions of the convenient pan and tilt wall-mounting bracket. If your venue has high ceilings, the sturdy SB-4 flying bracket lets you securely suspend your speaker from above.

Part of A Customizable Bose Sound Solution

The Bose Professional family of products offers speakers, amplifiers, processors, and accessories that are designed to work together.

The Lineup Includes:

  • A wide array of FreeSpace® speakers, subwoofers, and zone amplifiers
  • EdgeMax™ in-ceiling speakers for placement in corners and near walls
  • Rugged, adaptable PowerShare amplifiers
  • Clear, reliable Panaray® full-range driver arrays
  • Versatile ControlSpace® signal processors
  • Robust MB bass speakers

Warranty: 1 year

Product highlights:

  • Articulated Array® with four 4-1/2" full-range drivers for sound Reinforcement and foreground music
  • Weather-resistant for use in outdoor installations
  • 120° horizontal x 60° vertical coverage
  • 8-ohm nominal impedance
  • Frequency response: 73-15,000 Hz (-10dB)
  • 119dB peak SPL
  • Active EQ required for optimal performance
  • 8-1/8"W x 23-5/16"H x 8"D
  • Warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box:

Bose® Panaray® 402® Series IV Owner's Manual

  • One Panaray loudspeaker
  • Installation guide


Overview: The Bose Panaray 402 is a full-range, sound reinforcement loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installations such as auditoriums, fitness clubs, restaurants, and outdoor venues. The speaker is comprised of four 4.5" full-range drivers arranged in Bose's proprietary Articulated Array design, offering wide coverage area with 120˚ of horizontal and 60˚ of vertical coverage. Other features include a peak SPL of 119 dB, ideal for sound-reinforcement and foreground music, and a frequency range from 75 Hz to 15 kHz, eliminating the need for subwoofers for moderate full-range music levels.

Mounting: The Panaray 402 includes seven M8 threaded inserts on the speaker enclosure, 4 on the back, 2 on bottom, and 1 on top, which can work with Bose's flying bracket, for suspending the speaker, or either of their pan-and-tilt brackets for indoors or outdoors.

Connections: The rear of the Panaray 402 includes two Neutrik (Speakon) connectors on the rear panel, one being the input and the other a pass-thru to daisy-chain other speakers. The combined total impedance of the Panaray 402's four drivers is 8Ω. Bose Panaray speakers require active equalization for optimal sound quality. The recommended equalization is contained in the preset libraries of the Bose PowerMatch configurable amplifiers and ControlSpace processors. Bose also includes an equalization chart in the owner's manual showing which frequencies should be raised or lowered, the amount, and the bandwidth.


Frequency Range (-10 dB): 73 Hz - 15 kHz
Nominal Coverage Pattern: 120˚ H x 60˚ V
Recommended High-Pass Filter: 75 Hz with minimum 12 dB/octave filter
Overload Protection: Power limiting circuit (non-fused, automatic reset)
Loudspeaker EQ: Active EQ required for optimum performance
Power Handling:
Peak: 480 W (Bose extended-lifecycle test, 100 hrs), 600 W (AES test, 2hrs)
RMS: 120 W (Bose extended-lifecycle test, 100 hrs), 150 W (AES test, 2hrs)
Sensitivity: 91 dB SPL
Maximum SPL: 119 dB
Nominal Impedance: 8Ω
Drivers: 4 x 4.5" full-range cone transducers
Enclosure: Mineral-reinforced HDPE
Grill: Powder-coated steel
Environmental: Outdoors per IEC 529 IP55
Connectors: 2 x Neutrik NL4 (Speakon)
Suspension/Mounting: 7 x 8M threaded inserts (4 back, 2 bottom, 1 top)
Dimensions: Width - 8.0", Height - 23.250", Depth - 7.625"