Bose® L1 Model 1S System With B2 Bass Module Package - For UpTo 300 People

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Bose® L1 Model 1S System with B2 Bass Module Package For UpTo 300 People.


Portable PA system with 12-speaker array, extension, bass module, power stand with amps, cover, and carrying bags

Big Bose sound in a compact package
You'll get an impressively loud, clear sound from this sleek tower PA loudspeaker system from Bose. Their L1 Model 1S package consists of a 12-element articulated speaker array that extends over 6 feet above its power stand, along with a bass module containing two 10" woofers. This system will work perfectly for a small auditorium or nightclub, or for a small acoustic or solo act, or a DJ performing for audiences of up to about 300 people.

Wide coverage
Bose's Spatial Dispersion™ loudspeaker technology gives the L1 Model 1S more than 180 degrees of horizontal coverage, so audience members off to the sides will hear the same sound as those front and center. In fact, many musicians position their Bose L1S array behind themselves on stage, so they hear exactly the same mix that the audience will hear, eliminating the need for a floor monitor. The B2 bass module fills in the low end of your music, so everyone can really feel the beat.

Power stand
The L1 Model 1S's power stand includes two amplifiers that power the speaker array and the separate B2 bass module. The connection cable is included in the package. While not quite "plug and play," the system components all plug together without needing additional wiring, except for a single balanced 1/4" input connection. There are options for adding an external powered sub and for plugging in a Bose ToneMatch digital mixer.

Technical note:
This L1 system has a single balanced line-level analog input, along with the digital ToneMatch connection. In order to reinforce the sound for vocals and/or multiple instruments, a separate audio mixer is required.

Set up safety feature
The power stand features a safety lever that prevents the L1 array from getting assembled without the power stand's legs being fully extended, for onstage stability. The legs are also linked together so when you extend one, the other legs swing out automatically.

Seriously portable
You won't mind toting this PA around. The disassembled components are quite manageable in size and weight. The power stand in its carrying bag weighs under 25 pounds, while the speaker array and extension in their carrying bag weigh under 25 pounds. The B2 weighs in at 45 pounds. And of course the whole system will fit in almost any trunk or back seat for transport.

Product highlights:

  • Portable PA system
  • For audiences of up to 300 people
  • 12-element articulated line array speaker plus bass module with two 10" speakers
  • Speaker array and extension plug together and into the power stand
  • Power stand includes amplifiers and connections for speaker array and bass module
  • Analog input: 1/4" trs
  • Digital input: tonematch port (for optional bose t1 tonematch audio engine or t4s tonematch mixer)
  • Signal/clip indicator and input trim control
  • Built-in carrying handle on power stand and b2 bass module
  • Slip cover for bass module, and carrying bags for power stand, array, and extension included


  • Speaker array:
  • Dimensions: 43-1/2" h x 3-1/2" w x 4" d
  • Weight: 16.3 lbs.
  • Speaker extension:
  • Dimensions: 39-5/8" h x 4-3/16" w x 4-3/16" d
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.
  • Power stand:
  • Dimensions: 5" h x 10" w x 27" d
  • Weight: 23.7 lbs.

B2 Bass Module:

  • Dimensions: 23-7/16" h x 13-5/16" w x 18-15/16" d
  • Weight: 45 lbs.
  • Assembled height: 79.4" (6' 7")
  • Total weight: 93.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years

What's in the box:

  • Bose® L1 Model 1S System with B2 Bass Module Package owner's manual
  • L1 Power stand
  • Bottom speaker extension
  • Top speaker array
  • B2 Bass module
  • Bass module cable (4-wire)
  • AC Power cord
  • L1 Power stand carry-bag
  • B2 Bass module cover
  • Top array and bottom extension carry-bag
  • Quick setup guide
  • Owner's guide
  • B2 Bass module owner's guide
  • Product registration card