Bose Professional L1 Compact Portable PA Speaker System With L1 Power Stand & L1 Compact Extension

Rs. 1,100,015.00

Tall skinny tower of big bose sound
You'll get a surprising amount of loud, clear sound out of this slick-looking pa system. Using a six-element articulated speaker array perched 6 feet above a bass woofer/power stand, bose's l1 compact loudspeaker system will work perfectly in an exercise studio, for a classroom presentation, for a small acoustic or solo act, or for a dj performing for audiences of up to 100 people.


Wide coverage
Bose's spatial dispersion™ loudspeaker technology gives the l1 compact nearly 180 degrees of horizontal coverage, so audience members off to the sides will hear the same sound as those front and center. In fact, many musicians position their l1 compact array behind themselves on stage, so they won't need a floor monitor, and will hear exactly the same music the audience will hear. For smaller events, you can plug the speaker array module directly into the power stand and set the whole thing up on a table or stand for a class or business meeting.

Seriously portable
You won't mind toting this pa around. The disassembled system can be carried with two hands — the power stand in its slip cover weighs under 25 pounds, while the speaker extensions in their carrying bag weigh under 5 pounds. And of course the system will fit in any trunk or back seat for transport.

Bose L1
L1 compact power stand and speaker array
L1 Power Stand 240v And
L1 Compact Extension

Power stand: bass speaker, amplifiers, and mixer
The system's power stand includes an 8" bass speaker, two amplifiers, and the speaker array, along with a 2-channel mixer optimized for voice and acoustic guitar. Channel 1 is a mic input with bose's customized tonematch® preset for a handheld dynamic microphone. Channel 2's tonematch preset is optimized for the sound of an acoustic guitar — but you can switch that off for other instruments and playback devices.

Product highlights:

  • Compact portable pa system
  • For audiences of up to 100 people
  • 6-element articulated line array speaker
  • Two 32-1/2" extensions (elevate speaker array over the power stand)
  • Power stand includes amplifiers, 8" bass speaker, and 2-channel mixer
  • Speaker array plugs into power stand for storage or small-scale operation
  • 2-channel mixer:
  • Channel 1:
  • Microphone (xlr): tonematch optimized for a dynamic vocal mic
  • Clip indicator, volume, treble, bass
  • Channel 2:
  • 1/4" trs: tonematch optimized for an acoustic guitar
  • Other inputs: 3.5mm stereo, rca stereo
  • Tonematch can be switched off for line level inputs
  • Clip indicator
  • Line outputs for connecting another powered speaker (1/4" trs, rca)

More features:

  • Built-in carrying handle on power stand
  • Slip cover for power stand and carrying bag for extensions included.
  • Speaker array: 16" h x 2-3/4" w x 2-3/4" d
  • Power stand: 16-1/2" h x 13-1/4" w x 16-3/4" d
  • 2 speaker extensions (each): 32-1/2" h x 2-3/4" w x 2-3/4" d
  • Assembled height: 78-1/2" (6-1/2 feet)
  • Warranty: 2 years

What's in the box:

  • Bose® L1 Compact System owner's manual
  • L1 Compact Power Stand
  • Loudspeaker Array (pre-installed in Compact Power Stand)
  • 2 Compact extensions
  • AC Power cord
  • Power Stand slip-cover
  • Extensions carry-bag


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