Bose® FreeSpace® ZA 2120-HZA -Commercial Multi-Zone Power Amplifier - 120W x 2 at 70V

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About the Bose® FreeSpace® ZA 2120-HZA

More Power for a Multi-zone System

When you expand your sound system into multiple rooms, you'll probably want to boost power as you go. The Bose FreeSpace ZA 2120-HZA is an add-on 2 x 120-watt power amplifier that's compatible with select Bose® FreeSpace® integrated zone amplifiers and ControlSpace® processors. The processor or integrated zone amp handles signal routing and equalization, leaving this robust amp to provide the raw power for an extra zone or two.

Part of a customizable Bose sound solution
The Bose Professional family of products offers speakers, amplifiers, processors, and accessories that are designed to work together.
    Our system designers can help you choose the right mix of products to customize a system that sounds amazing in your unique space.

    Product Highlights:

    • 120 watts x 2 commercial amplifier for distributed audio systems
    • Add-on power amplifier compatible with Bose® FreeSpace® integrated Zone amplifier and sound processors
    • RJ-45 AmpLink input and output jacks for sending and receiving up to 8 channels of low-latency, uncompressed audio
    • Rear-mounted output trim controls
    • Unbalanced stereo RCA line input
    • Balanced line input via 5-pin Phoenix-style Euroblock connector
    • Dual 2-pin Phoenix-style Euroblock touch-proof outputs for connection to speakers
    • Dimensions and Warranty:
    • 19"W x 1-3/4"H x 12-13/16"D
    • Weight: 4.30kg.

    Warranty: 1-year Manufacturing Warranty 

    What's in the Box:

    • Zone amplifier
    • 79" Power cord (IEC 3-pin)
    • 36" Stereo RCA cable
    • Three 2-pin Euroblock (Phoenix) connectors (black)
    • Two 2-pin Euroblock connectors (green)
    • One 5-pin Euroblock connector (green)
    • 4 Round plastic feet
    • 4 Locking-pins for feet
    • Owner's manual


    Overview: The Bose FreeSpace ZA 2120-HZ zone amplifier is designed to provide basic amplification and sound system expansion when using front-end Bose ControlSpace sound processors or FreeSpace integrated zone amplifiers such as the IZA 190-HZ and IZA 2120-HZ. Featuring 2 x 120 watts of Class-D amplification optimized for 70/100 volt high-impedance systems, the ZA 2120-HZ is ideal for retail stores, restaurants, schools, and conference centers.

    70/100 Volt: The ZA 2120-HZ's Class-D amplifier offers up to 120 watts of power, per channel, and is optimized for high-impedance, 70/100 volt applications. A rear-panel selector switch determines whether the amp is running at 70 or 100 volts. No transformer bypass mode is available for 8Ω operation.

    • Inputs: The ZA 2120-HZ zone amplifier features one input channel that includes a set of dual RCAs and a 5-pin Euroblock connector that can accept either line or mic level signals, balanced or unbalanced. The input can be configured as two separate inputs, each going to its respective output, or summed together and available for either or both outputs. Since the amplifier gets its signal from an integrated amp or processor, no volume adjustment is available on the front panel, only from the "master" controller device or with an optional CC1 remote volume control (sold separately). A 2-pin Euroblock connection is provided for a muting switch. When the contact pins are closed, the output signal will be muted.
    • Outputs: Two Output Zones are available, 1 and 2, each on a 2-pin Euroblock connector with its own Trim dial, allowing for up to 40 dB of attenuation of the output signal. Each output also includes jacks for CC1 remote volume control.
    Configuration: All configuration of the amplifier can be done at the rear-panel without the need for a computer. Four 2-way selector switches allow the following settings to be made:
    • Auto Standby (On/Off): This determines if the amplifier will go into standby mode after going 20 minutes without an input signal.
    • Input: This setting either keeps the input signals as separate channels or summed. Choices are Dual and Summed.
    • Remote 1 Control: If the remote volume control is plugged into the Remote 1 jack, this switch sets whether it controls Output Zone 1 or both 1 and 2.
    • 70/100V: Determines which mode the amplifier will be working in.
    Clip Indicators: Two front-panel LEDs are provided to display signal clipping for both the input and output signals.


    • Performance:
      • Power: 2 x 120 W @ 70/100 V
      • Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz
      • THD+N: </= 0.3 % (at rated power)
      • Channel Separation: </= -58 dBu (below rated power, 1 kHz)
      • Dynamic Range: 88 dB
      • Audio Latency: 1 ms
    • Audio Inputs:
      • Input Channels: 1 Unbalanced, 1 balanced
      • Connectors: Stereo RCA, 5-pin Euroblock (Phoenix)
      • Input Range: -8 dBu to 22 dBu
      • Input Impedance: 20 kΩ
      • Maximum Input Level: 22 dBu
      • Nominal Input Level: 4 dBu
    • Audio Outputs:
      • Outputs: 2
      • Connectors: 2-Pin Euroblock
    • Indicators and Controls:
      • Power LED: Solid blue indicates power on, blinking blue indicates standby mode
      • Input Signal Clip LED: Green indicates signal is within -37 dBu to 11 dBu, red indicates signal is over 11 dB
      • Output Signal Clip LED: Green indicates output signal is within -46 dBFS to -2 dBFS, red indicates signal is over -2 dBFS, approximately 80 W per channel, for each output 120 watts is 0 dBFS.
      • Front Panel Controls: Power On/Off
      • Rear Panel Controls: Auto Standby - On/Off, Input - Dual/Summed, Remote 1 Control - Zone 1/ 1 and 2, 70/100 V selector
    • Electrical:
      • Mains Voltage: 100 VAC - 240 VAC (+/- 10%, 50/60 Hz)
      • AC Power Consumption: 13 W (Standby), 300 W (Max)
      • Mains Connector: IEC 3-pin
      • Maximum Inrush Current: 7.8 Amps (120 VAC / 60 Hz)
      • Overload Protection: High temperature, output short, excessively low or high AC line voltage
    • Physical:
      • Dimensions: Width - 19.0", Height - 1.750", Depth - 14.50"
      • Net Weight: 9.5 lbs.
      • Shipping Weight: 12.0 lbs.
      • Cooling System: Single fan creates a continuous left-to-right flow

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