YAMAHA YSP-1600 Powered Sound Bar With 4K Video Pass-Through And MusicCast

Audio/video Section

Digital Sound Projector :

  • While Many Other Soundbars Offer Only Stereo Audio Or A "Virtual Surround" Experience, The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Speaker Uses Yamaha Exclusive Digital Sound Projector Technology To Produce Sound Beams That Reflect Off The Walls Of Your Room To Deliver A Truer 5.1ch Surround Sound Effect.
  • The Result Is An Expansive And Immersive Listening Experience That Brings Your Favorite Tv Shows And Movies To Life.

8 Beam Drivers:

  • The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Speaker Features Eight 1.125" Beam Drivers Powered By A Built-in Amplifier That Delivers 2.5 Watts To Each Driver.

Dual Subwoofers:

  • Two Upward-facing, Powerful 3.25" Subwoofers Are Built Into The Ends Of The Soundbar Speaker.
  • Combined With Two Rear-firing Bass Reflex Ports, The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Delivers Deep And Expansive Bass For Both Movies And Music. The Soundbar's Built-in Amplifier Delivers 30 Watts To Each Subwoofer.

Cinema Dsp:

  • Cinema Dsp Technology Creates Thrillingly Realistic Soundscapes In Any Room.
  • Conventional Multichannel Audio Reproduction Systems Base Their Sound On Dolby Digital And Dts Digital Surround Decoding, Using Matrix And Steering Technologies To Create Surround Sound Effects.
  • Yamaha Cinema Dsp Digital Is Much More Advanced; Actually Creating Independent Sound Fields That Envelop You In An Unmatched Surround Sound Experience.
  • With Dialogue, Music, And Effects Located In Separate Sound Fields, You Will Hear Sound With Directionality, Smooth Movement, Exceptional Clarity And Presence.
  • You Can Use The Included Remote Control To Select Six Different Programs; Including Movie, Music, Sports, Game, Tv Program, Stereo (Off).


  • Creates A Broad And Expansive Cinematic Soundstage. With Dolby Or Dts Surround, This Mode Further Enriches Your Cinematic Experience.


  • Creates A Live Concert Experience With A Wide, Dynamic Soundstage; Great For Music Soundtracks.


  • Creates A Realistic Sound Of A Live Sports Event.


  • Enjoy Three-dimensional Sound Effects With Computer Or Video Games.

Tv Program:

  • Creates Optimum Surround Sound For Tv Programs.

Stereo (Off):

  • Cinema Dsp Is Turned Off And Stereo Sound Is Produced From The Soundbar Speaker.

Audio Technologies:

  • The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Utilizes Two Of Yamaha's Audio Technologies (Clear Voice & Compressed Music Enhancer) For A Better Listening Experience When Watching Movies Or Listening To Your Digital Music Files.

Clear Voice:

  • Human Voices, Such As Dialog In Tv Shows And Movies, News, And Sports Commentary Are Played Back With Extra Clarity.
  • This Technology Enhances The Acoustic Characteristics Of Speech And Increases The Perceived Volume Level, While Still Maintaining The Quality Of The Soundtrack's Background Sound & Effects.

Compressed Music Enhancer:

  • This Technology Enhances And Extends Bass & Treble, Which Tend To Be Weak In Digitally Compressed Music Formats Such A Mp3, Wma, And Aac.
  • The Compressed Music Enhancer Makes Your Compressed Audio Sound More Musically Dynamic And Rich.

HDMI 2.0:

  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Is Fitted With One Hdmi 2.0 Input And One Arc-enabled Hdmi 2.0 Output. The Hdmi Jacks Support The Latest Hdmi 2.0 Standards.

4k/60hz + HDCP 2.2:

  • Thanks To Transmission Of 4k Video At 60 Frames Per Second, You Can Fully Enjoy The High Definition Video Quality Of Without Degradation.
  • It Also Adheres To The Hdcp 2.2 Copyright Protection Standard For 4k Video Transmission.

5.1ch Audio:

  • The Ysp-1600's Hdmi Jacks Support 2ch Linear Pcm (Up To 192khz/24-bit), 5.1ch Linear Pcm (Up To 192khz/24-bit), As Well As Dolby Digital & Dts.

Arc (Audio Return Channel):

  • This Feature Allows Audio To Be Sent From Your Compatible Tv To The Soundbar Speaker Through The Same Hdmi Cable Already Being Used To Send Audio And Video To Your Tv.
  • This Eliminates The Need For Extra Cables Connected To Your Television.


  • The Soundbar Speaker's Hdmi Jacks Will Accept 3d Video From Your 3d Blu-ray Player And Output The Video Signal In 3d To Your 3d-ready Hdtv.


  • The Yamaha Soundbar Also Supports Deep Color And X.v.color Content, Which Can Display A Larger Color Range Than Standard-definition Schemes. The Result Is A More Lifelike, Vibrant Picture.

Auto Lip-Sync:

  • The Soundbar Automatically Adjusts The Delay In Output Timing Between Video Signals And Audio Signals So They Match When You Are Watching A Movie. You Can Also Manually Adjust The Audio Delay Between 0 To 500 Ms.

Note: Because With Most Televisions, The Arc-enabled Hdmi Input Will Only Pass 2ch Pcm From Devices Connected To The Tv Via Hdmi Or Analog, We Recommend That You Connect Your Blu-ray/dvd Player, Satellite/cable Box, Or Gaming Console To The Yamaha Soundbar Directly; And Then Connect The Ysp-1600's Arc-enabled Hdmi Output To Your Tv's Arc-enabled Hdmi Input. This Setup Will Give You With The Best Overall Sound Performance.

Analog + Digital Audio Inputs:

  • In Addition To Hdmi Connectivity, The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Is Equipped With One Analog Stereo Minijack (3.5mm) Input And One Optical (Toslink) Digital Input.
  • The Optical Digital Input Supports Dolby Digital, Dts, And 2ch Pcm Up To 96khz/24-bit).

Note: The Digital Optical Output Terminals Of Most Newer Flat-panel Tvs Only Send An Audio Signal In 5.1ch When Receiving Dolby Digital/dts Surround Sound From The Tv's Built-in Tuner, Network Connection, Or Connected Usb Device; And Will Output Only 2ch Stereo From Sources Connected To The Tv Via Hdmi, Or Rca (Like Your Blue-ray/dvd Player Or Satellite/cable Box).

Subwoofer Output:

  • The Ysp-1600's Subwoofer Output Lets You Connect A Powered Subwoofer For Added Bass.

Audio Adjustments:

  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Soundbar Offers A Variety Of Audio Settings To Match The Speaker To Your Application.

Dynamic Range:

  • Adjusts The Soundbar's Dynamic Range (Difference Between Maximum And Minimum Volume Levels).
  • Select Auto (Automatically Sets Dynamic Range For Comfortable Listening At Low Volumes), Standard (Dynamic Range Recommended For Regular Volume Level), Or Max (Output Sound Without Adjusting The Dynamic Range Of The Input Signal).

Channel Level:

  • You Can Adjust The Output Level Of Each Channel (Front Right/left, Center, Surround Right/left, And Subwoofer) On The Soundbar Speaker To Balance Output Levels. Adjustable Range Is -10 To +10.

Subwoofer Level:

  • You Can Adjust The Soundbar's Built-in Subwoofer Output Level Independently From The Speaker's Overall Volume.

Wireless Multiroom Audio

Musiccast : 

  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Soundbar Is Part Of Yamaha's Musiccast Multiroom Audio Eco-system. Musiccast From Yamaha, Brings Music To Every Room In Your Home Wirelessly With Control Provided By A Free App On Your Apple Ios Or Android Device.
  • Designed To Easily Work With Your Existing Home Wifi Network, Musiccast Offers Access To A Huge Range Of Audio Content.
  • This Content Includes Select Online Music Services, Internet Radio, Digital Music Libraries, And Bluetooth Audio; As Well As Connected External Sources Such As Tvs, Cable/satellite Boxes, Blu-ray/dvd Disc Players, And Cd/sacd Players.
  • Musiccast Can Even Select Terrestrial Am/fm Radio Stations For Playback Throughout The Home When Linked To A Tuner-enabled Musiccast Device (Like An Av Receiver).
  • Musiccast Is Enabled On Many 2015-up Yamaha Components Like This Soundbar Speaker, Plus Their Av Receivers, Wireless Speakers, And Other Hifi Components.

Note: Yamaha's New Musiccast System Is Not Compatible With Yamaha's Old Musiccast System.

Firmware Update:

  • The Ysp-1600 Soundbar May Require A Firmware Update In Order To Use The Musiccast Feature.

Multiroom Audio:

  • Start With The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Soundbar In Your Living Room Or Bedroom And Add Other Musiccast Products From Yamaha (Like Wireless Speakers, Av Receiver, And Hifi Systems ) Over Time To Create A Multiroom Audio, Whole-house Experience.
  • Up To 10 Musiccast Devices Can Be Connected.

Wired Or Wireless Network Connection:

  • The Yamaha Musiccast Ysp-1600 Soundbar Supports Both Wifi (802.11 B/g/n; 2.4ghz) And Wired Ethernet (Rj-45) Connections, So You Can Choose To Build A Wireless Or Wired Network, Or A Combination Of Both If Desired.
  • Network Setup Is Completed Through The Free Musiccast App On Your Compatible Apple Ios Or Android Device.

Note: If You Want To Install A Musiccast Device To A Location That Is Out Of Range Of Your Wireless Router, Connect Another Musiccast Device To The Router With A Network Cable To Extend The Range ("Extend Mode").

Musiccast App:

  • The Free Musiccast App Can Be Downloaded For Apple (Ios 7.1+) Ipod/iphone/ipad And Android (Os4.1+) Smartphones/tablets.
  • The Musiccast App Puts Control Of Your Whole Home Listening Experience In The Palm Of Your Hand From Your Apple Ios Or Android Device.
  • You'll Be Able To Quickly Select The Room Or Rooms You Want To Listen To Music In, Select The Source Or Sources You Want To Listen To, Browse Music Content From Your Music Library And Online Music Services Or Internet Radio, Plus Control Music Playback Functions.


  • Choose Which Room Or Rooms You Want To Listen To Music In.
  • You Can Select A Different Source For Each Room, Group Certain Rooms Together For Playback Of The Same Source, Or Link All Rooms Together So The Same Source Is Played Back Throughout The House.

Source Selection:

  • From The App You Can Select Which Source Or Sources You Want To Listen To; Choose From Network-connected Devices, Select Online Music Services, Internet Radio Or Bluetooth For The Ysp-1600.
  • You Can Also Select From The Soundbar Speaker's Hdmi, Digital And Analog Inputs, Plus Tv Audio.

Music Browsing:

  • You Can Browse Music Libraries From Your Network-connected Devices; Like Your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer, Or Laptop.
  • You Can Also Browse Music Content From Select Online Music Services And Search Internet Radio Stations From The Musiccast App.

Playback & Song/artist Info:

  • From The Musiccast App On Your Compatible Apple Ios Or Android Device You Get Volume Up/down, Play/pause, And Previous/next Track; As Well As Song/artist Information And Album Art.


  • Internet Radio Stations, Content From Select Online Music Services, Plus Playlists And Songs From Your Network-connected Device's Music Library Can Be Saved As "Favorites" For Quick Recall Within The Musiccast App.

Sound Settings:

  • From The Musiccast App You Can Select Between Cinema Dsp Modes, Activate Clear Voice, And Turn On The Compressed Music Enhancer.

Personalization & Customization:

  • With The App's Unique Personalization Features, You Can Choose From Preloaded Room Images Or Change The Color Of Buttons To Represent Each Room In The Home, Or Even Take Pictures Of Their Own Home And Assign The Images To Each Button.
  • The Content Source Buttons Can Also Be Customized To Rename, Remove Or Reorder Selections For Easier Operation.

High Resolution Audio:

  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Supports True High-resolution Audio Formats To Deliver More Accurate Reproduction Of Sonic Details.
  • The Soundbar Speaker System Is Compatible With Apple Lossless (Alac) Up To 96khz/24-bit, As Well As Flac And Wav Music Files Up To 192khz/24-bit.
  • It Also Supports Lower Resolution Music Files Like Mp3, Wma, And Aac Up To 48khz.

Note: When Multiple Musiccast Devices Are "Linked" For Multiroom Audio Playback, The Master Room Device's Playback Is At The Native Sampling Rate (Up To 192khz/24-bit), While The Other Rooms And Musiccast Devices Down-converted To 48khz.

Streaming Music Partners:

  • Musiccast Includes Pandora, Spotify Connect, Rhapsody, And Siriusxm Internet Radio Streaming Services, As Well As Thousands Of Free Local And International Internet Radio Stations From Vtuner.

Bluetooth Audio:

  • The Yamaha Musiccast Ysp-1600 Offers Built-in Bluetooth (V.2.1+edr) For Wireless Music Streaming & Control.
  • This Allows You To Stream Stored Music And Music Apps On Your Bluetooth-enabled Apple Ipod/iphone/ipad, Android Smartphone/tablet, Windows Phone/pc, Mac Computer/laptop, And More To The Soundbar Speaker.
  • The Speaker Can Be Paired With Up To 20 Device, But Only One Can Be Actively Connected.

SBC + AAC Codecs:

  • In Addition To Support For The Standard Sbc Bluetooth Audio Codec, The YSP-1600 Offers Support Of Aac.
  • By Supporting AAC, The Soundbar Offers Better Audio Performance Of The Music Streamed From Your Apple Ipod, Iphone, Or Ipad.

Linked Playback Mode:

  • With Linked Playback Mode, Music Streamed Via Bluetooth To One Musiccast Device Can Then Be Wirelessly Streamed To Multiple Musiccast Devices For Multiroom Audio.
  • Bluetooth Is Limited To The Sbc Codec During Linked Playback Mode.

Bluetooth Output :

  • The Bluetooth Output Feature Allows You To Wirelessly Stream Audio From A Non-bluetooth Source Of A Musiccast Device To Another Bluetooth Speaker Or Headphones (Regardless Of Manufacture), Making It Even More Convenient To Add The Musiccast Eco-system To Your Existing Audio Gear.
  • Bluetooth Is Limited To The Sbc Codec During "Bluetooth Output" Playback Mode.


  • Airplay Lets You Stream Your Favorite Songs Directly From Your Apple Los (4.3.3+) Device Or From Your Itunes (10.2.2+) Library On Your Windows PC Or Mac Computer To The Yamaha Musiccast Ysp-1600 Speaker, Over Your Home's Wifi Network Connection.
  • From Your Apple Ios Device You Are Able To Stream Stored Music And Music Apps On Your Device To The Yamaha Musiccast Speaker.
  • From Your Windows Or Mac You Can Stream Your Stored Itunes Music Library On Your Computer To The Musiccast Speaker.

Note: Airplay Is Not Available For Multiroom Audio Playback.

Dlna :

  • The Musiccast Ysp-1600 Speaker Supports Dlna (Digital Living Network Alliance) 1.5, Allowing Access To Dlna-compatible Windows 7/8 Computers (With Windows Media Player 11 Or 12) And Network Attached Storage (Nas) Devices.
  • You'll Be Able To Wirelessly Stream The Music Libraries On Your Computer, Laptop, Or Nas To The Yamaha Musiccast Speaker System.

Note: Digital Rights Management (Drm) Content Cannot Be Played Back.

Remote & Convenience Features

Home Theater Controller App :

  • Download Yamaha's Free Home Theater Controller App For Apple Ios (5.1.1+) Or Android (2.3.3+) To Easily Perform A Variety Of Functions From Your Apple Ipod/iphone/ipad Or Android Smartphone/tablet.
  • Basic Functions Include Input Selection And Volume Up/down. Advanced Functions Include Selecting Cinema Dsp Modes, Clear Voice, Or The Enhance Music Enhancer For The Best Listening Experience.
  • Your Apple Ios Or Android Device And The YSP-1600 Soundbar Must Be Connected To The Same Wifi Network.

IR Remote + Repeater:

  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Includes An Ir Remote Control For Wireless Operation Of The Soundbar Speaker System.
  • If The Soundbar Speaker Blocks Your Tv's Remote Control Signal, The Unit's Remote Repeater Function Transmits The Signal To The TV So Operation Is Not Affected.

HDMI Control:

  • You Can Also Use Your Tv's Remote Control To Operate This System, If Your Television Supports The HDMI Control Function And Is Connected To The Soundbar's HDMI Output.
  • The Soundbar Speaker Will Automatically Select The Input According To The Input Source Setting On Your Tv.
  • You Will Also Be Able To Turn On/off The Soundbar With Your Television.

OSD (On-screen Display):

  • A Convenient On-screen Display Provides Menu Setup And Audio Adjustments.

Auto Standby & Sleep Timer:

  • The Soundbar Speaker Will Automatically Enter Standby Mode After Approximately 20 Minutes Of No Audio Playback And No Operation.
  • You Can Set The Unit's Sleep Timer To 30, 60, 90 Or 120 Minutes From The App On Your Compatible Mobile Device.

Firmware Updates:

  • New Firmware Updates That Provide Additional Features Or Product Improvements Will Be Released By Yamaha In The Future.
  • If The Soundbar Speaker Is Connected To The Internet, You Can Download The Firmware Via The Network And Update It.
  • If The Soundbar Is Not Connected To The Internet, You Can Download The Latest Firmware Update From The Yamaha Website To A Usb Thumbdrive, Which Can Then Be Used To Update The Speaker's Firmware.

Mounting Options

Table Top:

  • The Slim Body Makes It Extremely Easy To Position The Ysp-1600 Soundbar Speaker In Front Of A TV, Ensuring That The Screen Is Not Blocked


  • The Yamaha Ysp-1600 Soundbar Can Also Be Wall-mounted Using The Included Keyhole Mounting Brackets (Screws Not Included).
  • A Wall-mount Template Is Also Included To Help With Installation.

Soundbar Position:

  • From The YSP-1600 Soundbar's On-screen Menu, You Can Indicate Where You Have The Speaker Positioned - Centered Along Wall, To The Right Of Center, Or To The Left Of Center.
  • This Will Calibrate The System's Sound Beams So They Reflect Off The Walls Appropriately.
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