YAMAHA NS-SW300 Active Subwoofer 250W-10 Inchs

New Twisted Flare Port Produces Clear And Tight Bass
  • The All-new Twisted Flare Port Takes Advantage Of Extensive Subwoofer Development Experience.
  • Compared To A Conventional Port, The Twisted Flare Port Reduces Air Turbulence Noise, Contributing To Clear And Accurate Low Frequency Reproduction.
  • The Flared And Gently Twisted Shape Evenly Diffuses The Air Flow Through The Port.
  • From Special Effect Sounds In Movies To The Atmosphere Of A Live Venue, You Hear Bass That Is Clear, Tight And Realistic.
PWM Digital Drive High Efficiency Amplifier And Dual Feedback Circuit
  • The Built-in Power Amplifier Delivers Stable Power Output Of 250 W With High Efficiency While Minimizing Power Consumption And Heat Production.
  • It Does Not Require An Output Filter Coil, Resulting In Extremely Low Noise And Distortion.
  • High Speed Transient Response Is Also Excellent.
  • The Dual Feedback Circuit Reduces Distortion By Applying Feedback Twice, Resulting In Higher Sound Clarity.
Advanced YST Ii For Awesome Deep Bass
  • Developed By Yamaha, The Advanced YST Ii (Yamaha Active Servo Technology Ii) Combines Negative-impedance And Constant-current Principles To Drive The Speaker Cone With Even Tighter Control Than The Previous Version.
  • Using Advanced Negative Impedance Converter (Anic) Circuits, This System Dynamically Optimizes Effective Speaker Impedance To Maintain Excellent Linearity.
  • This Means More Stable And Accurate Low Range Response, Not To Mention Higher Sound Quality.
10” Cone Woofer Unit With Square Wire
  • A 10” Large Woofer Unit Is Used In A Front-firing Configuration.
  • The Voice Coil Of The Driver Unit Employs Square Wire With A Wide Surface Area That Can Be Wound More Densely To Obtain Higher Magnetic Flux Density.
  • It Delivers High Drive Force, Permitting Tight And Deep Bass Reproduction.
Beautiful Design That Will Match A Wide Range Of Speakers And Interiors
  • In Addition To The Beautifully Round Shape Of The Front Surface.
  • Panels On Both Sides To Create An Accent And A Neat Appearance.
  • This Subwoofer Lets You Imagine The Strength Of Sound And Matches A Wide Range Of Speaker Systems.
Front Control Panel For Easy Operation
  • The Power And Volume Buttons, Which Are Used Most Often, Are Laid Out On The Front Surface Of The Unit For Ease Of Access.
  • It Is Inclined At An Angle Of 45°, Making It Easy To Use Even When Placed On The Floor.
  • An Led Indicator Is Above The Power Button, So Even In A Dimly Lit Room It's Easy To Tell If It's On Or Off.
System Control And Auto Standby
  • The System Control Terminal Can Be Linked To The Amplifier Power To Automatically Turn The Power On And Off.
  • There Is Also An Auto Standby Function, If No Signal Is Input From The Amplifier For A Fixed Period, It Automatically Switches To The Standby State And When A Signal From The Amplifier Is Detected.
  • Power Turns On Automatically. This Limits The Wasteful Consumption Of Electricity.
Other Notable Features
  • Low Standby Power Consumption Of 0.3 W
  • Auto Standby Switch / Sensitivity Selector (High, Low And Off)
  • Phase Control (Normal Or Reverse)
  • B.A.S.S. (Bass Action Selector System) Switch
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