Q Acoustics Media 4 (M4) Soundbar With Built In Subwoofer

About Q Acoustics:

  • Q Acoustics is a multi-award winning hi-fi brand, which was founded by experts in the audio industry with the sole aim of developing a highly successful loudspeaker brand.
  • It has been 10 years since Q Acoustics was founded, and in every year since we have continued to drive innovation and develop multi-award winning products.

Q Acoustics Story

  • Q Acoustics is not like most other loudspeaker companies.
  • Q Acoustics is a young brand. No heritage. No tradition. No old black and white photographs. We believe that to be the secret of our success.
  • Q Acoustics was established in 2006; but not by a wealthy music lover, hobbyist designer or retired rock musician.
  • No. Q Acoustics was founded by professional engineers and businessmen whose sole aim was to develop a highly successful best in class loudspeaker brand based on outstanding audio performance.
  • It’s that simple, a completely focussed understanding of acoustic engineering and inspirational design has driven our remarkable success.
  • We recognised that the only way Q Acoustics could possibly enjoy commercial success was to design and produce loudspeaker products that were, without question, superior to their similarly priced competitors.
  • So, with that aim in mind, for the last ten years with have enabled audiophiles around the world to enjoy Q Acoustics for its innovative and high performance loudspeakers.


The Soundbar For Music Lovers

  • A soundbar never sounded this good. This multi award-winning soundbar has been designed by a Hi-Fi company, for a true music lover and is guaranteed to bring your home audio to life.
  • Whether music, movies or gaming is your thing, the M4 is truly the modern day HiFi allowing you to connect and stream seamlessly from multiple devices with Bluetooth and NFC so you can enjoy both TV audio and your favourite tracks from your preferred streaming service.
  • The M4 delivers genuine audio with no effects. A true sound system that fills your home with full-bodied, crystal clear audio.

Innovative Room Filling Acoustics

  • The M4 ensures that no matter where you are in your room, you will be hearing all the detail, every beat, and enjoying your music to its maximum potential.
  • This is thanks to clever, wide dispersion driver technology and a powerful built in subwoofer, which not only effortlessly fills your room with crisp and detailed audio, but also provides powerful, controlled bass.

Seamless Connectivity

  • We believe in Hi-Fi connectivity so the soundbar incorporates Bluetooth aptX TM and NFC, which means you have full connectivity and streaming flexibility from any Bluetooth or NFC device. Enjoy your music from your favourite streaming service including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.
  • We have taken care to reproduce whatever signal you put into your soundbar as accurately as possible; giving a greater dynamic range and signal to noise ratio than a typical soundbar.
  • Connect and play. This is the soundbar for connected music lovers.

Intelligent Home Integration

  • Our intelligent pre amplifier has been engineered for easy TV integration. User experience is paramount, and we believe in simplicity.
  • Using the Optical Out from your TV (2 channel PCM) the M4 will detect when you want to watch, and when you do not. All you need do is turn your TV on.
  • Don't want another remote control confusing your setup? We have taken the time to ensure that our product will work with leading satellite and cable infra-red (IR) remote controls.
  • The M4 will intelligently integrate into your home entertainment system. Simple. Effective. Intelligent.

 Q Acoustics Soundbar

  • The Q Acoustics Media 4 sound bar features advanced ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive units, which produce extraordinarily wide sound dispersion.
  • This not only creates clear room filling sound, but also means every listener will enjoy the same outstanding sound quality wherever they sit in the listening room.
  • The Media 4 sound bar has real bass is created by its acoustically matched, built-in, high performance subwoofer.
  • You will enjoy a genuine ‘cinema’ audio experience with the Media 4 sound bar, compared with using your TV speakers alone.
  • Naturally, because the Q Media 4 is a ‘Hi-Fi’ Sound bar, it is designed to play music and movies with equal accomplishment.
  • With both analogue and optical inputs, the unit is in reality a complete one-box, standalone hi-fi system in its own right.
  • It can also be used with a variety of other entertainment sources such as streaming services like Spotify, CD players, portable music players, computers and internet radio.

Built-In Subwoofer

  • Extensive market research into what customers really want helped us design the M4.
  • You told us you wanted a very discreet single box solution, eliminating the need for extra boxes and cables.
  • The M4’s slim design and built-in subwoofer obviously overcomes the need for a separate subwoofer box and extra cables.
  • When wall-mounted, using the included wall bracket, the distinctive flared shape of the M4 allows sufficient clearance behind the unit for the cable entry.


  • The Media 4 Sound bar uses ‘BMR’ loudspeaker drive units. These not only deliver outstanding sonic performance, but also disperse the sound across an exceptionally wide area.
  • This means, wherever you sit in your room, you’ll still enjoy the full hi-fi or home cinema experience.
  • The diagram below shows exactly how the BMR drive units deliver its amazing performance no matter where you sit.
  • Q Acoustics provides true audio with no added effects or digital signal processing to degrade the sound.

 Ease of use

  • Using the Q M4 sound bar could not be easier. Simply plug it in, connect it to the source and it’s ready to use.
  • The M4 comes with a small five button IR remote control; however the soundbar can also be operated by the remote controls which come with ‘Sky’ and ‘Virgin’ set-top boxes.
  • This means fewer remotes to worry about, whilst still being in complete control. Better still, to save power, if the soundbar is not been used for 20 minutes, it automatically goes into standby, Therefore you do not have to worry about switching it off after every time that you use it.

Television and Movies

  • When you think about a sound bar you generally think it is to be used with a television. However, the Media 4 soundbar is perfect whether you simply want to enhance your normal TV sound, enjoy great music or if you simply want to be fully immersed in a movie you’re watching.
  • It brings a new level of enjoyment to your TV and movie watching. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it before.

Enjoy your music

  • There are simply so many ways you can enjoy your music on the new Q M4 sound bar.
  • Whether you connect your CD player with analogue interconnect cables or wirelessly stream to it using the Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your music in true high-quality sound.
  • When you’re entertaining, why not stream straight from your Spotify account on your smartphone? Whatever your source, you’re going to love listening to your new ‘M4’.

What can the soundbar be connected to

  • The digital optical and analogue inputs of the Q Acoustics Media 4 (Q M4) sound bar mean it can be connected to a wide range of entertainment sources; from your television, Sky or Virgin box, CD, DVD or Blu-ray player, all the way through to your smartphone, tablet, portable music player, computer or internet radio.
  • The unit is also Bluetooth compatible (using aptX Lossless for audio streaming).
  • This wireless connection can sync to almost any Bluetooth compatible audio device and can remember up to eight pairings.
  • So when friends or family come over, a previously paired ‘guest’ music player can get connected in just seconds.

What is NFC Connectivity?

  • NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’.
  • This allows you to link any NFC enabled device to the sound bar by simply touching your device to the ‘pairing’ point on the top of the soundbar as shown in the diagram below.
  • Once you’ve connected via NFC you can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to the soundbar within a certain range.

Where to place my soundbar

  • The great thing about the Media 4 sound bar is that it can be placed nearly anywhere you wish.
  • The three usual areas are: (a) on your TV stand, where its slim depth will allow it to fit on or into the many different TV stands. (b) wall mounted, to leave your home virtually clutter free and (c) placed on any other piece of furniture from a bookshelf to table.
  • As the soundbar has so many outstanding features, it doesn’t just have to be used with your television and, as a result looks, great anywhere in your home.

How to wall mount the soundbar

  • If your television is placed on your wall, the Q Acoustics Media 4 (Q M4) soundbar is a perfect match.
  • It can be wall mounted using the wall mounting plate provided in the box.
  • Please see the diagram below which explains how to wall mount the Q Acoustics soundbar.
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