Monitor Audio Silver 100 Bookshelf Speakers - High Gloss Black (Pair)


Two-Way Speaker Design:

  • The Monitor Audio Gold Series 100 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Employs A Two-way Driver Design With A Single C-cam Ribbon Tweeter And One 6.5" C-cam/rst Midrange/midbass Woofer.
  • The Midrange/midbass Driver Exhibits The Low Frequency Extension And Power Handling Of A Much Larger Driver, While The C-cam Ribbon Tweeter Produces High Frequencies (Up To 60khz) Well Beyond Conventional Domed Tweeters.
  • The G100's Two-way Speaker Configuration Renders Your Music And Movie Soundtracks With Tonal Accuracy And Perfect Timing.

C-Cam Technology:

  • C-cam Driver Technology Is Used Throughout The Gold Series 100 Bookshelf Loudspeaker, Providing Coherent Tonal Balance And Sonic Signature Across The Entering Audio Frequency Spectrum.

C-Cam Ribbon Tweeter:

  • Monitor Audio's Proprietary Ribbon Tweeter Design Uses An Ultra-thin Sandwich Of C-cam Alloy Suspended In A Powerful Transverse Magnetic Field Of High Energy Nefeb Rare Earth Magnets.
  • The Ribbon Serves As Both Voice Coil And Radiating Diaphragm, With Every Part Of The Ribbon Driven Directly And Simultaneously Without Energy Storage.
  • Having A Mass Of Just 18mg, Its Diaphragm Is Able To Start And Stop In An Instant, Producing A Transient Response Capable Of Defining The Leading Edge And Natural Harmonic Resonance Of Complex Musical Sounds.
  • Specified To Reach Ultra-high Frequencies, This Ribbon Tweeter Will Reproduce With Ease Every Last Nuance And Detail From Vinyl, Cd, Dvd Audio, And Sacd, Together With The Wider Bandwidth Of Blu-ray Or High Resolution Digital Audio.

C-Cam Cone Woofer:

  • Ceramic-coated Aluminum/magnesium Is A Material Originally Developed By The Aerospace Industry For Jet Engine Components. Its Properties Are Ideal For Loudspeaker Cones Being Extremely Rigid, Yet Light Enough To Yield High Overall Efficiency.
  • In Manufacture, Aluminum/magnesium Alloy Undergoes A Three-stage Stress-relieving Process To Remove Surface Deformation And Molecular Weakness.
  • Once Formed, The Alloy Cone Is Subjected To A High Temperature Anodic Coating Process In Which A Layer Of Pure Ceramic Alumina Is Depleted Onto Its Surfaces To A Depth Of 100 Microns, Producing A Completely Rigid Sandwich Of Alloy And Heat-dissipating Ceramic Material.
  • Conventional Cones Are Liable To Flex Or Twist In Operation, Producing A Significant Level Of Audible Distortion.
  • C-cam Cones Have A Much Higher Resistance To Bending Stress And Therefore Exhibit Much Greater Fidelity Over Their Entire Operating Range.

RST (Rigid Surface Technology):

  • The Gold Series Bookshelf Speaker Combines Rigid Surface Technology (Rst) With Its C-cam Cone Woofer Design For A Stronger, Lighter Weight Cone.
  • The Rigid Surface Technology (Rst) Cone Profile Was Inspired By The Japanese Art Of Origami, Which Demonstrates How A Very Light Material (Like Paper) Can Be Strengthened And Made More Rigid By Making Small And Precise Folds On It Surface.
  • Developed And Perfect Using Sophisticated Computer Modeling (Finite Element Analysis), The Silver Series Midbass Drivers Have Been Strengthened By A Pattern Of Dimples.
  • Rst Significantly Increases Cone Rigidity, Allowing The Radiating Surfaces To Resist Mechanical Bending Forces, Which Can Twist The Shape Of Conventional Driver Cones To Produce Distorted Sound.
  • The Strengthening Effect Of Rst Means That Monitor Audio Can Use Thinner, Lighter And More Responsive C-cm Cones Which Provide Speed And Accuracy While Offering Greatly Reduced Distortion.
  • The Rst Patterns Also Help To Displace Standing Waves That Can Propagate On The Cone's Surface.

Single Through-Bolt Mount:

  • The Tweeter And Woofer Are Fixed To The Cabinet With Single Through-bolt Driver Fixing Mounts.
  • This Single-through-bolt Mount Design Provides Mechanical De-coupling And Enhanced Midband Clarity And Resolution.
  • The Through-bolts Also Act As Rigid Cross Bracing To Give A Very Solid Non-resonant Cabinet.

MDF Curved Enclosure W/ Magnetic Grille:

  • The G100 Employs A Mdf Enclosure For Accurate, Uncolored Sound.
  • Rigid 20mm Mdf Construction Is Used Throughout The Enclosure With Radial And Cross-bracing Techniques For High Rigidity And Low Cabinet Coloration.
  • In Addition, The Curved Cabinet Profile Aids In Increased Rigidity And Reduced Internal Standing Waves.
  • In Addition, The Bookshelf Speaker Comes With A Magnetic Grille.

Hive Ii Bass Reflex Port:

  • The G100 Uses A Bass Reflex Cabinet (Rear Firing Port) With Monitor Audio's Hive Ii Port Design For Greater Efficiency And Bigger Bass Response From A Slim Bookshelf Speaker.
  • The Hive Ii Bass Reflex Port Is Shaped To Have The Same Effect On Airflow As A Gun-barrel On A Bullet.
  • Rifled Grooves Inside The Port Help To Accelerate The Flow And Reduce Turbulence, So Air Moves In And Out Of The Port More Efficiently, For A Faster More Dynamic Bass Response.

Note: If The Bass Is Too Boomy, You Can Insert The Included Foam Port Plug Into The Speaker's Rear-firing Port To Tighten And Lessen The Bass.
High Quality Crossover & Wiring: The G100 Uses A High Quality Crossover With Premium Grade Polypropylene Film Capacitors. The Speaker Also Utilizes "Pureflow" Silver Plated Ofc Copper Internal Cabling.

Dual Gold-plated Binding Posts:

  • The Bookshelf Loudspeaker Has Two Sets Of Gold-plated Binding Posts Connected By Wire-jumpers.
  • The Gold-plated Binding Posts Will Accept Bare Wire (Up To 10awg), Pin Connectors, & Banana Plugs (Single Only).
  • Using The Dual Posts, You Can Bi-wire Or Bi-amp The Speaker. Bi-wiring Or Bi-amping The Speaker Provides Improved Bass & Treble Performance.
  • If You Decide To Bi-wire Or Bi-amp, You Must Remove The Jumpers Between The Terminal Posts (Failure To Do This Could Result In Damage To Your Amplifier And Loudspeakers).


  • Bi-wiring Can Provide Noticeable Improvements In The Overall Transparency Of Your Loudspeakers.
  • Run Separate Speaker Wires To The Low & High Frequency Drivers From A Single Amplifier (The Upper Set Of Binding Posts Are For The High Frequency Drivers; The Lower Set Of Binding Posts Are For The Low Frequency Drivers).


  • Bi-amping Allows You To Use Separate Amplifiers For The High & Low Frequency Sections Of Your Loudspeaker For Greater Dynamic Range & Lower Distortion. We Recommend That Your Separate Amplifiers Have Identical Gain To Preserve The Speaker's Voicing Balance.

Mounting Options:

  • The Gold Series Bookshelf Loudspeaker Comes With Self-adhesive Rubber Feet To Help Secure It In Place To Prevent Slippage And Vibration. The Optional Pinpoint Heavy Duty Side-grip Wall-mounting Bracket (121am41b, Sold Separately) Can Be Used To Wall Mount The Speaker.
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