Polk Audio TL1600 Blackstone Powered Subwoofer

Powered Subwoofer

  • 8" woofer: the polk audio powered subwoofer features a downfiring 8" long-throw dynamic balance poly-composite woofer with a foam surround for big, deep bass.

Built-in 50 Watt Amplifier:

  • The down-firing woofer is powered by a built-in 50 watt rms (100 watt peak) amplifier.

Bass Reflex Enclosure: 

  • The polk audio powered subwoofer utilizes a bass-reflex enclosure with a down-firing port.
  • The powered subwoofer's enclosure features heavy-duty, non-resonant abs construction with an elegant satin black finish that creates the ideal décor accent.

Audio Controls:

  • The polk audio powered subwoofer features the following rear-panel audio controls.


  • The powered subwoofer features a rotary volume knob to adjust the subwoofer's volume to your preference.

Low-Pass Crossover: 

  • The rotary low-pass crossover knob adjusts the frequency range over which the subwoofer operates.
  • You can adjust the subwoofer's low-pass crossover between 80-160hz to prevent mid & high frequencies passing through to the woofer.


  • The powered subwoofer's phase switch can be set at 0 or 180 degrees.
  • Whichever phase setting sound louder of fuller at the subwoofer's crossover point is the optimum setting.

Audio Connections:

  • The polk audio powered subwoofer features the following line-level & speaker-level audio connections.

Line Level: 

  • The powered subwoofer is equipped with a pair of gold-plated line-level (rca-type) inputs for connecting the subwoofer/lfe output of your a/v receiver to the powered sub.

Speaker Level: 

  • The powered subwoofer is also equipped with two pair of speaker-level input terminals and two pair of speaker-level output terminals to connect the powered subwoofer between the front-channel speaker outputs of your av receiver and the speaker terminal inputs on this system's satellite speakers.

Automatic Turn-On/Off Circuitry: 

  • The powered subwoofer features auto on/off circuitry which automatically turn the subwoofer on when it senses an audio signal.
  • When no signal is present, the circuit turns the subwoofer off after 15 minutes.

Frequency Response: 

  • The overall frequency response of the powered subwoofer is 40hz-160hz and the -3db frequency response is 45-160khz.
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