Polk Audio HTS 10 Powered Subwoofer


10" polypropylene dynamic balance woofer:

  • The hts 10 houses a front-firing 10" polypropylene long-throw woofer with rubber surround for deep, accurate bass.
  • The woofer incorporates polk's patented dynamic balance technology and is klippel optimized to provide clean, clear bass, better linearity, lower distortion, and greater durability.

100w class d amplifier:

  • The polk hts10 employs a 100 watt (rms) / 200 watt (peak) class d amplifier for dynamic bass performance.

Power port technology:

  • The polk hts 10 powered subwoofer utilizes floor-firing patented power port technology for deeper bass response and reduced port noise.
  • The power port floor-firing design smoothly transitions air flow from the speaker into your listening area for deep, extended bass impact while minimizing turbulence, distortion, and port noise.
  • At the port tuning frequency, power port equipped subwoofers have 3db less port noise than similarly configured subwoofers without power port.

Non-resonant enclosure:

  • The powered sub's strong, rigid, and acoustically inert curved enclosure reduces unwanted internal standing waves for less audible coloration.
  • Its non-resonant meddite mdf construction, with extra bracing and thick baffle, ensures a more lifelike sound.


  • Built-in controls for variable volume, low pass filter, and phase let you tune in optimum bass levels.
  • All controls are found on the rear-panel of the powered sub.


  • The rotary volume knob adjusts the volume of the powered sub relative to the other speakers in the system.

Low-pass filter:

  • The variable low-pass filter is adjustable from 40-160 hz. The low-pass filter is only active for the powered sub's stereo rca inputs.
  • The low-pass filter is deactivated when using the powered sub's lfe input.


  • The phase switch allows you to select 0-degrees (normal) or 180-degrees (reverse).
  • If the bass sounds muddy or unclear, toggling the phase control can sometimes strengthen the bass attack.

Line-level inputs:

  • The polk hts 10 powered subwoofer is outfitted with an unfiltered lfe input and filtered stereo rca inputs (subwoofer cable not included).

Lfe input (unfiltered):

  • The lfe input consists of an unfiltered mono-rca jack (the lfe input bypasses the powered sub's variable low pass filter).
  • Using the lfe input when connecting to an av receiver or integrated amp with a filtered lfe output and built-in crossover control.

Stereo rca input (filtered):

  • The stereo input consists of a left & right rca jack (both jacks are filtered).
  • Use the stereo input when connecting to a receiver or integrated amp that does not have an lfe output, but does provide a preamp output.

Auto & dc power on/off:

  • The powered subwoofer will automatically turn on when an audio signal is received and off when there is no audio signal for about 20 minutes.
  • There is also a 12v trigger input on the back of powered sub which allows it to power on with your receiver or integrated amp that features a 12v trigger output (the 12v trigger provides a faster auto on/off).


  • There is a switch on the back of the powered sub that indicates which power on/off method you will be using - auto or dc.


  • You may place the powered subwoofer anywhere in your room, but it will perform best when it's on the same side of the room as your system's front speakers.
  • Also, placing the subwoofer near a wall or in a corner will increase its loudness.

Frequency response:

  • The overall frequency response for the subwoofer is 25-180hz, and the -3 db frequency response is 30-120hz.
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