Polk Audio Atrium Sub10 Outdoor Subwoofer Max. Watts-200

Outdoor Subwoofer

All-Weather Design:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 Outdoor Subwoofer combines heavy-duty bass performance and all-weather durability to deliver indoor-level bass impact to your home's outdoor area, such as your deck, porch, pool, or garden area.

Driver Technology

10" Dynamic Balance Woofer:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 Outdoor Subwoofer features a down-firing 10" Composite Long-Throw Dynamic Balance Driver for deep accurate bass. Polk's Dynamic Balance Driver Technology eliminates driver distortion for deeper, cleaner bass even at higher volume. The 10" woofer also features a rugged butyl rubber surround for added durability and bass response.

Dual 2" Voice Coil Design:

  • The Polk Audio outdoor subwoofer's dual 2" voice-coil design reproduces bass from both stereo channels, producing more power (up to 200 watts) in the lower frequencies with the help of Capacitive Coupling Technology. The voice coils are 8 ohms each.

Built-In Low-Pass Crossover:

  • Using it's built-in low-pass crossover (150Hz), the Atrium SUB10 can be connected directly to its own amplifier channels for independent volume control. The overall frequency response is 40Hz-200Hz and the -3dB frequency response is 50-110kHz.

Acoustically-Matched Design:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 outdoor subwoofer is an excellent match for Polk's Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speakers (107ATSAT30, sold separately).

Enclosure Design

Sealed Resin Enclosure:

  • The 10" woofer is housed in a molded and sealed acoustically ideal resin enclosure which is marine-certified that will provide weather-proof, outdoor performance for years to come. The enclosure's color-impregnated resin (terracotta) will never fade or you can paint it to match your outdoor décor. The sealed resin enclosure can also be used as a plant stand or a pedestal table (supports up to 200lbs).


Direct Burial Connection:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 features an attached 3' CI3-Rated direct burial 4-conductor cable so no there is no exposed wiring once the woofer has been mounted and connected. The outdoor subwoofer comes with four wire-nuts for connecting your speaker wire. Because both have built-in crossovers, the sub can be wired in parallel with a pair of Atrium SAT30 satellite speakers. (Or both can be wired to individual amplifier channels.)

Wiring Options:

  • The SUB10's direct burial cable has four conductors because of the speaker's dual voice coil design. You can connect each voice coil to separate amplifier channels, which will present an 8-ohm load to each channel. If you connect both of the voice coils to a single amplifier channel (in parallel), a 4-ohm load will be presented to the amplifier. (Make sure the amplifier is capable of handling a 4-ohm load.)

Mounting Options

Security Anchor:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 features an integrated eyebolt security anchor and screw-down Points for added stability and security (mounting screws not provided).


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