Polk Audio Atrium Sat30 Sigle Unit Outdoor Speaker With In-ground Mounting Hardware Max. Watts-200

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  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker is designed to look and sound great outside on your patio, deck, or porch.
  • Designed to mimic stylish lighting fixtures while delivering high-performance audio, the innovative Atrium SAT30 satellite speaker can be planted in your landscaping, hung from your ceiling or the eaves, or installed anywhere you want to mix great sound with the great outdoors.
  • The Atrium SAT30 can be used by itself, with multiple SAT30 satellite speakers, and/or with Polk's Atrium SUB10 outdoor subwoofer.
  • Outdoor Speaker
  • Driver Technology
  • Enclosure Design
  • Connections
  • Mounting Options

Outdoor Speaker

Weatherproof Design:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker is engineered to survive the outdoor elements all year round.
  • The Polk Audio outdoor speaker is designed to handle temperature extremes from -40-degrees to 185-degrees Fahrenheit and resist salt and fog corrosion.

Driver Technology

Dynamic Balance Driver Technology:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAt30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker features a 3.5" long-throw midrange driver with 1" voice coil, vented pole-piece, rugged butyl rubber surround and composite cone; along with a 0.75" composite dome neodymium tweeter.
  • Capable of handling up to 100 Watts of power to deliver superb clarity, detail and high efficiency with less distortion, at both moderate and higher volume levels, even in outdoor environments.

Flying Bridge-Mounted Tweeter:

  • The cleverly mounted 0.75" composite dome neodymium tweeter does not get in the way of the woofer, for smooth, realistic sound in a compact housing.

Built-In High-Pass Crossover:

  • With Built-In High-Performance Crossover Technology, the Atrium SAT30 can be connected directly to its own amplifier channels for independent volume control.
  • The overall frequency response is 100Hz-22kHz and the -3dB frequency response is 115-20kHz.

Capacitive Coupling Technology:

  • Capacitive Coupling Technology enhances the bass performance of the Atrium SAT30.
  • CCT is an advanced signal-blocking technology that determines exactly where a small speaker usually skimps on bass output.
  • Special circuitry then compensates by boosting response in this critical frequency range.
  • More bass response means a wider dynamic range with more musical realism.

Acoustically-Matched Two-Way Design:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker can deliver dynamic sound on its own or can blend seamlessly with the Polk Audio Atrium SUB10 outdoor subwoofer 107ATSUB10, sold separately).

Enclosure Design

Weather Resistant Enclosure:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker features a mineral-filled polypropylene cabinet with an aluminum grille and stainless steel hardware to protect the speaker from the outdoor elements year round.
  • The Atrium SAT30's weather resistant enclosure features an impregnated finish that enables it to blend in wit most landscaping and outdoor furnishings.
  • The cabinet can also be painted to match your outdoor decor.


Direct Burial Connection:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 features an attached 3' CI3-Rated direct burial 2-conductor cable so no there is no exposed wiring when ground mounting the speaker.
  • The outdoor satellite speaker comes with a pair of wire-nuts for connecting your speaker wire.

Mounting Options

Multiple Mounting Options:

  • The Polk Audio Atrium SAT30 Outdoor Satellite Speaker comes supplied mounting hardware to mount the speaker from the ceiling, mount the speaker in the ground, or mount the speaker to your deck or wall.

Deck and Wall Mounting:

  • The Atrium SAT30 features an integrated mounting arm which allows you to attach the outdoor satellite speaker to your deck floor or outside wall.
  • Once mounted the integrate arm allows you to adjust the angle of the Atrium SAT30.
  • The Atrium SAT30 also features a 1/4"-20 threaded insert to wall-mount the speaker using an optional wall-bracket (the integrated arm must be removed to access threaded insert)

Ground Mounting:

  • The Atrium SAT30 comes supplied with an ABS ground stake and metal security plate to mount the outdoor satellite speaker in your garden or landscape.
  • The enclosure even features a shock absorbing gasket to help it withstand blows from outdoor lawn equipment.

Pendant Mounting:

  • The Atrium SAT30 can also be hung from the ceiling using the supplied eyebolt and optional pendant wire-cable (the integrated mounting arm must be removed).
    • Aiming the Atrium SAT30 to an angle greater than 45-degrees my result in water buildup inside the grille that could cause damage to the speaker, especially during cold weather when freezing may occur.
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