Monitor Audio Silver 500 Tower Speaker


Silver Series:
  • Revered by audiophiles around the globe, Monitor Audio's award-winning Silver Series enters its sixth generation with a host of new features that make it perform even better than previous generations.
  • Monitor Audio's Silver Series combines engineering excellence with fabulous design to create an audiophile-grade hi-fi or home theatre loudspeaker.
  • The Silver Series loudspeakers produce abundant dynamics, rich textures, and immense detail that allow you to enjoy absolute clarity and pinpoint imaging.
  • The Silver Series consists of bookshelf loudspeakers (50/100), floorstanding loudspeakers (200/300/500), center-channel loudspeakers (C150/C350), and a surround loudspeaker (FX), plus a powered subwoofer (W-12) to create a complete home theater system.
3-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker:
  • Monitor Audio's Silver 500 floorstanding loudspeaker utilizes a 3-way driver design with a newly designed 1" C-CAM Gold Dome tweeter, specially developed 4" C-CAM RST midrange driver, and two new 8" C-CAM RST midbass/bass concave "dished" long-throw woofers.
  • The 3-way configuration allows each driver to be optimized to do a better job over a narrower frequency.
  • The Silver 500 delivers class-leading midrange, while the pair of long-throw 8"bass drivers work together to produce powerful midbass and bass from the tall, but slim cabinet design.
1" Tweeter:
  • The newly 1" C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium) Gold Dome tweeter, features a vented Neo magnet system, optimized for lower distortion and cleaner sounding treble.
  • This innovative venting technique along with a damped rear chamber improves clarity and widens operating bandwidth.
4" Midrange Driver:
  • The Silver 500 produces natural midrange courtesy of a dedicated 4" C-CAM RST midrange driver, specially designed with a "under-hung" voice coil and motor system.
  • This technique ensures the voice coil always remains in the magnetic gap under all conditions for lower distortion.
Dual 8" Long-Throw Woofers:
  • The ultra-compact Silver 500 introduces a completely new version of Monitor Audio's special 8" C-CAM RST long-throw woofer with a concave "dished" cone profile for optimal damping and improved midrange clarity.
  • The two 8" long-throw woofers are constructed with massive magnetic systems and cast polymer chassis capable of deep bass extension with excellent rigidity and damping characteristics.
  • Each C-CAM woofer also utilizes a unique build ring/voice coil-cone coupling mechanism (DCF), optimized to reduce high-frequency cone break-up and increase the critical voice coil circumferential rigidity.
High Quality Crossovers:
  • The Monitor Audio Silver 500 employs high-quality crossovers (LF/MF=625Hz, MF/HF=3.1kHz) with premium grade, bespoke polypropylene film capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors to seamlessly blend the sound of the tweeter, midrange driver, and woofers together for a natural sounding audio image.
  • Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling means the highest-quality transfer throughout the signal chain.
C-CAM Technology:
  • C-CAM driver technology is used throughout the Monitor Audio Silver Series loudspeaker line-up, providing coherent tonal balance and sonic signature across the entering audio frequency spectrum.
C-CAM Gold-Dome Tweeter:
  • The gold dome tweeter found in the Silver Series family of loudspeakers is formed from a ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium alloy, gold anodized to a specific thickness for ideal stiffness and damping characteristics.
  • Its new profile and surround geometry have been developed using advanced modeling tools, to provide the optimum qualities for accurate sound reproduction.
  • The new design moves the first order of breakup to beyond 35kHz, producing a linear response way beyond audibility, which matches the wide frequency bandwidth available from HD music and cinema sound formats.
  • The gold dome is thinner, lighter, more rigid and therefore more efficient than domes made from other materials which are prone to distortion in the audio band.
C-CAM Cone Woofer/Midrange:
  • Ceramic-Coated Aluminum/Magnesium is used to construct the woofer cone in the Silver Series loudspeakers.
  • C-CAM is a material originally developed by the aerospace industry for jet engine components. Its properties are ideal for loudspeaker cones being extremely rigid, yet light enough to yield high overall efficiency.
  • In manufacture, aluminum/magnesium alloy undergoes a three-stage stress-relieving process to remove surface deformation and molecular weakness.
  • Once formed, the alloy cone is subjected to a high temperature anodic coating process in which a layer of pure ceramic alumina is depleted onto its surfaces to a depth of 500 microns, producing a completely rigid sandwich of alloy and heat-dissipating ceramic material.
  • Conventional cones are liable to flex or twist in operation, producing a significant level of audible distortion.
  • C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to bending stress and therefore exhibit much greater fidelity over their entire operating range.
RST (Rigid Surface Technology):
  • The Silver Series combines Rigid Surface Technology (RST) with its C-CAM cone woofer design for a stronger, lighter weight cone.
  • The Rigid Surface Technology (RST) cone profile was inspired by the Japanese art of Origami, which demonstrates how a very light material (like paper) can be strengthened and made more rigid by making small and precise folds on it surface.
  • Developed and perfect using sophisticated computer modeling (Finite Element Analysis), the Silver Series midbass drivers have been strengthened by a pattern of dimples.
  • RST significantly increases cone rigidity, allowing the radiating surfaces to resist mechanical bending forces, which can twist the shape of conventional driver cones to produce distorted sound.
  • The strengthening effect of RST means that Monitor Audio can use thinner, lighter and more responsive C-CM cones which provide speed and accuracy while offering greatly reduced distortion.
  • The RST patterns also help to displace standing waves that can propagate on the cone's surface.
HiVe II Bass Reflex Ports:
  • The Silver 500 floorstanding loudspeaker features a dual-chamber bass reflex cabinet with two rear-firing ports for the dual 8" woofers.
  • The dual-camber bass reflex cabinet provides greater efficiency, better midbass detail, and bigger bass response from a slim floorstanding speaker.
  • The Silver 500's bass reflex enclosure utilizes Monitor Audio's HiVe II port design that is shaped to have the same effect on airflow as a gun-barrel on a bullet.
  • Rifled grooves inside the port help to accelerate the flow and reduce turbulence, so air moves in and out of the port more efficiently, for a faster more dynamic bass response.
  • If the bass is too boomy, you can insert the included foam port plugs (one or both) into the speaker's rear-firing ports to tighten and lessen the bass.
  • Rigid Construction: Strategic cabinet bracing and Monitor Audio's bolt-through technology creates an amazingly solid speaker.
  • Not only can it play loud and clear, it delivers an incredibly well balanced, pure midrange for a natural sound.
  • Design criteria ensure that the Silver 500 will make the most of your living space by being placed close to a wall and yet still deliver clean, punchy bass.
  • You will only hear well-balanced, pure midrange without ever a hint of box coloration.
Single Through-Bolt Mount:
  • The tweeter and woofer are fixed to the cabinet with single through-bolt driver fixing mounts.
  • This single-through-bolt mount design provides mechanical de-coupling and enhanced midband clarity and resolution.
  • The through-bolts also act as rigid cross bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.
MDF Enclosure w/ Magnetic Grille:
  • The Silver 500 employs a MDF enclosure for accurate, uncolored sound. Rigid 20mm MDF construction is used throughout the enclosure with radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity and low cabinet coloration.
  • In addition, the floorstanding speaker comes with an acoustically transparent magnetic cloth grille.
Dual Gold-Plated Binding Posts:
  • The Silver Series floorstanding loudspeaker has two sets of gold-plated binding posts connected by wire-jumpers.
  • The gold-plated binding posts will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), pin connectors, & banana plugs (single only).
  • To use banana plugs, you will need to remove each binding post's plastic insert.
  • Using the dual posts, you can bi-wire or bi-amp the speaker. Bi-wiring or bi-amping the speaker provides improved bass & treble performance.
  • The binding-post speaker terminals are color-coded (red+/black-) and are at floor-level for easy identification and hookup.
  • Bi-wiring can provide noticeable improvements in the overall transparency of your loudspeakers.
  • Run separate speaker wires to the low & high frequency drivers from a single amplifier (the upper set of binding posts are for the high frequency drivers; the lower set of binding posts are for the low frequency drivers).
  • Bi-amping allows you to use separate amplifiers for the high & low frequency sections of your loudspeaker for greater dynamic range & lower distortion.
  • We recommend that your separate amplifiers have identical gain to preserve the speaker's voicing balance.
  • If you decide to bi-wire or bi-amp the speaker, you must remove the jumpers between the terminal posts (failure to do this could result in damage to your amplifier and loudspeakers).
  • The Monitor Audio Silver Series 500 floorstanding loudspeakers can be used for the front or rear channels in a home theater system, or standing alone in a strictly two-channel stereo system.
Front Placement:
  • As front channels in a home theater setup or as a 2ch speaker system, the floorstanding loudspeaker should be positioned so they create an equidistant triangle between the speakers and your main listening position.
  • The speakers should be positioned 6'-10' apart from one another, 12"-24" from the back wall, and at least 3' from the side walls.
  • The speakers can be "toed" in and angled toward the main listening position to create a more distinct stereo image.
Rear Placement:
  • As rear speakers in a home theater setup, the speakers should be positioned directly to the left and right of your main listening position, or directly behind the main listening position.
  • The speakers should be positioned 6'-10' apart from one another, 12"-24" from the back wall, and at least 3' from the side walls.
Outrigger Feet:
  • The Silver Series 500 floorstanding speaker includes four outrigger feet which will need to be installed and screwed into the bottom of the speaker cabinet (hardware included).
  • Each outrigger assembly comes with a rubber foot installed for hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring.
  • Spike feet are also included for carpeted flooring. The spike feet screw into the bottom of the rubber feet.
  • A knob and locking nut on each of the outriggers allow you to adjust the level of the speaker once it is set in place.
  • Dimensions with Rubber Feet: 11.5625" (w) x 42.25" (h) x 14.375" (d) 
  • Dimensions with Spike Feet: 11.5625" (w) x 42.875" (h) x 14.375" (d)
  • Do not use the speakers without the outrigger feet installed.
  • The feet add greater stability and aid in higher quality sound reproduction.
  • The rubber feet and spike feet cannot be used without the outriggers installed.
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