Monitor Audio Bronze W10 Powered Subwoofer


10" Woofer + 10" ABR:
  • The Monitor Audio Bronze series W10 powered sub employs an ultra long-throw 10" driver featuring a concave "dished" C-CAM cone. A 10" flat-panel ABR (auxiliary bass driver) is mounted on the bottom of the powered sub to augment low frequency extension and power handling.
200W Class-D Amplifier:
  • The 10" C-CAM woofer is driven by a powerful, low-distortion Class-D Amplifier rated at 220 watts (RMS). The Class-D amplifier features a switch Mode power supply, designed to deliver high continuous rating and provides the instantaneous delivery of high current when required.
Rigid MDF Enclosure:
  • The powered subwoofer's enclosure features 18mm thick MDF construction with heavy interior bracing applied to provide a stiff, low-resonance cabinet.
DSP Controls:
  • The Bronze W10 powered sub features DSP processing with all controls and crossover adjustment performed in the digital domain for precision accuracy.
Level Control:
  • The level control adjusts the subwoofer's volume relative to the rest of your home audio system. After the sub's level control has been set, the volume control of your AV receiver will be the volume control for both the Monitor Audio powered subwoofer and your connected loudspeakers.
Low-Pass Crossover:
  • The variable low-pass crossover is adjustable from 50-120Hz. The crossover point chosen determines where low bass frequencies are "handed-off" from your AV system's loudspeakers to the Monitor Audio powered subwoofer. Set the crossover point based on the size of your systems' main left/right speakers.
Phase Switch:
  • The Phase switch is used to acoustically match the subwoofer's output to your main speakers. Select the position either 0˚ or 180˚ in which your subwoofer has more output at the listening position.
Bass EQ:
  • The Bronze W10 powered subwoofer offers Impact, Movie, and Music presets for easy EQ operation. Movie mode provides a relatively flat response down to 35Hz. Music mode is -2dB down from Movie mode but goes lower, all the way down to 30Hz. Impact mode is +3dB up from Movie mode and comfortably goes down to 40Hz.
LFE/Stereo Inputs:
  • The Monitor Audio Bronze W10 powered subwoofer is equipped with a dedicated LFE input and a stereo RCA input to connect the powered sub to a variety of AV receivers or integrated amplifiers.
LFE Input:
  • Most of today's AV receivers have a line-level subwoofer output (LFE). If your receiver has an LFE output, connect one end of a subwoofer cable (sold separately) to this output and connect the other end of the cable into the powered subwoofer's dedicated LFE input. This type of connection bypasses the powered sub's crossover and uses the low-pass crossover built into your AV receiver.
Stereo Input:
  • In absence of a subwoofer (LFE) output on your receiver, as an alternative hookup, you can connect Left & Right channel pre-amp outputs from the receiver to the stereo RCA inputs (Left/Right) on the powered subwoofer. This type of connection will use the low-pass crossover built into the powered sub.
  • 12V Trigger Input: A 12V trigger input (3.5mm) syncs the Bronze W10 powered sub with other AV components when the system is activated.
Auto Power On/Off:
  • The powered subwoofer will automatically turn On when it senses an audio signal. You can also choose to turn the powered sub On manually from the rear-switch on the back. It will automatically go into "Standby mode" after 20 minutes with no audio signal.
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