MARANTZ TT5005 Switchable Built In Phone Equalizer Works With Any Amplifier Or Receiver

First Impressions

  • What You Get By Purchasing This Turntable Is A Fully-secured Wrap And Plastic Covers And In A Cardboard Box.
  • It Seems Like The Manufacturers Really Want To Make Sure That The Packing Of The Turntable Prevents Any Possible Damage It Might Face, And Frankly, This Is Great Because It Makes Sure That You Won’t Have To Go Back And Forth Returning A Damaged Turntable.
  • This Means That Your Experience With The Turntable Itself Is Great From The Very Beginning. Of Course, The Next Thing We Have To Notice Is What Meets The Eye.


  • Anyone Would Be Surprised How Stylish And Classy This Turntable Looks. It Has A Matt Black Plastic Plinth And It Has An Aluminum Platter.
  • Also, It Has A White Color Platter Mat And An Acrylic Dust Cover On The Hinges. Of Course, If You Want To, You Can Disconnect The Dust Cover From The Plinth.
  • All Of These Have High Quality And They Are Very Well-made Which Ensures That You Will Have This Turntable For Years To Come And You Will Be Able To Enjoy It Whenever You Like.


  • We Mentioned The User-friendliness Before And This Is Definitely One Of The Greatest Benefits Of This Unit.
  • It Has A Tonearm Without Cue In The Lever, But It Is Preset By The Attached Mm Cartridge.
  • Also, Another Thing Which Is Recognizable Is The Fact That It Has A Built-in Phono Pre-amp. This Basically Means That It Will Work With Any Receiver Or Amp Which Has An Rca Aux Input.
  • Moreover, The Automatic Tone-arm Operation Makes Sure That The Arm Returns At The End Of Each Side. Also, You Can Easily Use This Turntable Because You Don’t Even Have To Move The Belt On Its Pulley In Order To Change The Speed.
  • You Can Simply Select The Speed By Using The Button. Additionally, The Cartridge Is A Denon Dsn82, This Basically Means That If You Have A Need To Replace It, You Will Be Able To Easily Find It.


  • As We Said Before, The Materials That Are Used For This Turntable Are Far From Disappointing.
  • The Manufacturer Had Durability In Mind Which Resulted In Making This Turntable Durable And Quite Sturdy. You Don’t Need To Worry About Damaging Your Records Either Because The Dust Lid Is There To Protect Them And It Does The Job Perfectly.


  • The Procedure Of Playing Records With The Marantz Tt5005 Is Quite Simple Which Only Adds To The Great Performance Of This Turntable Too. All You Need To Do Is Put A Record On The Platter And You Need To Select Your Speed
  • As We Said Before, You Can Use The Speed Button Which Can Be Found On The Left Side Of The Platter.
  • Afterwards, You Just Close The Dust Lid And Press The Start Button And You Are Good To Go.
  • You Can Find The Start Button On The Front Ride Side Of The Plinth.
  • The Music Will Begin Right After The Tone Arm Moves Into The Direction Of The Record And Drops On It.
  • Of Course, When The Last Track On The Record Is Over, The Tonearm Will Move Upward And Will Go Into The Resting Position. After This, The Platter Will Stop Revolving And This Would Be Your Cue That You Need To Replace The Record Or Change The Side Of It.
  • If You Wish To Stop It, You Can Press The Stop Button Which Can Be Found Right Next To The Start Button. After You Press The Stop Button The Tonearm Will Lift And It Will Go Back To The Resting Position Just Like Before.

Greatest Benefits

  • Of Course, The Most Important Thing About This Turntable Is The User-friendliness. So, The Greatest Benefit Of It Will Be Mostly Felt By Those Who Are Novices Here.
  • It Is A Great Turntable For Beginners Who Don’t Want To Invest Too Much But Want To Get A High-quality Sound And Great Performance. The Manual Is Also Extremely Easy To Understand.
  • Basically, One Would Not Have Any Issues When They Play Their First Record On It.

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