MARANTZ SA 8005 Stereo SACD/CD Player/DAC


SACD Player:

  • The Marantz SA8005 Supports Playback Of Single-layer, Dual-layer, And Hybrid-layer Sacds; As Well As CD-Audio, CD-R/RW (MP3/WMA) Discs.
  • The Super Audio Standard Is Based On Direct Stream Digital (DSD) Technology.
  • This Direct-stream Digital Format Is A 1-bit System With A Sampling Frequency 64x Higher Than A Conventional Audio Cd (2,822,400 Hz Vs. 44,100 Hz).
  • SACD Produces A Frequency Response Of 2hz To 50khz And A 110db Dynamic Range.
  • Because Of The Way Inaudible And Audible Frequencies Mix, The Resulting Sound Is More Natural.

Marantz HDAM Technology:

  • Instead Of Conventional Op-amp Integrated Circuits, The Sa8005 Is Equipped With Our Exclusive Hdam (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) Technology.
  • These Discrete Circuit Elements Feature Wide-band Response Along With High Slew Rate, To Deliver The Most Nuanced And Detailed Musical Reproduction, And Are Ideally Suited For Today's High Resolution Wide-band Digital Audio Sources.

High Resolution D/A Conversion:

  • Featuring The Reference-class High Current Cs4398 D/a Converter, The Sa8005 Can Accept A Wide Range Of Digital Audio Source Types, Including Super Audio Cd Direct Stream Digital Content At 2.8 And 5.6 Mhz, Along With Linear Pcm Up To 24-bits/192khz.
  • The Analog Audio Sections Feature Hdam Technologies For The Purest Audio Reproduction.
  • The Dac Section Features Dual Clock Synchronization For Optimum Signal Decoding, And Can Also Decode Mp3 And Wma Digital Audio Formats.

Digital Inputs + Stand Alone DAC Capability:

  • You Can Use The Sa8005 As A Stand-alone Digital-to-analog Converter, Thanks To The Inclusion Of Both Coaxial And Optical Digital Audio Inputs. You Can Also Connect Your Favorite Portable Audio Device, Via The Convenient Front-panel Usb (Type-a) Port, And The Sa8005 Is Compatible With The Ipod, Ipod Touch And Iphone.
  • The Rear-panel Asynchronous High Speed Usb (Type-b) Port Lets You Connect Your Home Pc To The Sa8005, So You Can Enjoy Superb Sound Quality From Your Favorite Pcm And Dsd High Resolution Tracks Stored On Your Computer.
  • The Usb (Type-b) Port Also Features Marantz's Unique Ground Isolator Circuit Design That Prevents Pc-originated Ground Plane Noise Transfer.

Optical/Coaxial Inputs:

  • The Optical (Toslink) And Coaxial (Rca) Digital Inputs Let You Connect Up To Two External Digital Audio Devices, Such As Apple Tv Or Other Network Digital Audio Players.
  • Only Pcm Signals (32-192khz) Are Compatible With The Optical And Coaxial Inputs.

USB Type-A Input (Ipod/Android Compatible):

  • The Front-panel USB Port Lets You Connect Select Usb Mass Storage Class Devices (Formatted In Fat16/32); Such As Android Smartphones/tablets (Froyo/gingergread Os Only), Portable Digital Audio Players, And Thumbdrives; Plus Apple Ipod/iphone Devices (Classic, Nano, Touch, Iphone).
  • You'll Be Able To Listen To Stored Music (Mp3/wma/wav/aac) And Music Apps From Your Compatible Device.
  • This Usb Port Will Also Charge Your Device While Connected And You Can Control Music Playback From The Included Remote Control.

USB Type-B Input (MAC/Windows Comaptible):

  • By Connecting A Computer To The Usb (Type-b) Port On The Rear-panel Of This Unit, You're Able To Bypass The Computer's Soundcard And Playback A Variety Of Digital Music Files Stored On Your Computer Through The Sacd Player's 24-bit/192khz Dac.
  • The Unit Is Compatible With Mac Os X 10.6.3 And Later, As Well As Windows Xp (Sp3), Vista, 7, Or 8. Windows Requires The Installation Of A Dedicated Driver Software Found On The Marantz Website.

Analog & Digital Outputs:

  • Two Digital Outputs, One Optical (Toslink) And One Coaxial (Rca), Are Provided For Sending The Audio Signal To The Digital Input Terminals Of A Receiver Or Digital Recorder.
  • No Signal Is Output From Either During Playback Of The Hd Layer Of A Super Audio Cd; Digital Signals Are Output When Playing A Cd, The Cd Layer Of A Hybrid Sa-cd, Or Any Device Connected To One Of The Digital Inputs.
  • The Sacd Player Also Features A Stereo Rca Analog Output Connection Which Can Be Set To Variable Or Fixed.

Fully Discrete Headphone AMP:

  • For The Most Enjoyable Personal Audio Experience, Connect Your Favorite Headphones To The Sa8005 And Listen To The Highest Fidelity Natural Sound, Thanks To Our Fully Discrete Headphone Amplifier Circuitry.
  • With Discrete Circuit Headphone Amplifier Topology, The Sa8005 Delivers Superb Personal Listening, Featuring Wide-band Response, Tremendous Dynamic Range Against A Virtually Noiseless Background, And There's A Convenient Front-panel Headphone Volume Control.

High Current Toroidal Power Transformer:

  • For The Most Stable Dc Supply To The Various Circuit Stages, The Sa8005 Is Equipped With A High Current Toroidal Power Transformer, And Features Separate Rectifier Stages For The Analog And Digital Sections To Prevent Mutual Interference.
System Remote Control: 
  • The Ergonomically Designed Remote Control Includes Additional Control Functionality That Lets You Operate The Matching Marantz Pm8005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (642pm8005, Sold Separately) As Well As Our Network Audio Component.
  • The Sa8005 Also Features Remote Control Input And Output Ports For Additional Remote Control Connectivity.
Auto Standby: 
  • With The Auto Standby Mode Turned On This Unit Will Enter Standby Mode After Approximately 30 Minutes (Continuous) Of No Audio Playback.
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