MARANTZ Reference Series TT-15S1 Manual Belt-Drive Turntable With Cartridge


Acrylic Base/Platter:

  • The Marantz Tt-15s1 Reference Series Turntable Features A Low-resonance, High-density Acrylic Chassis And Platter.
  • The Chassis Is 17-5/16" Wide X 13-11/16" Deep X 3/4" Thick.
  • The Platter Is 11-11/16" In Diameter And 1-1/8" Thick.
  • The Turntable Is Supported By Three Solid Aluminum Feet. The Feet Are Adjustable, So The Turntable Can Be Leveled.

Assembly Required:

  • The Turntable Is Packed Unassembled In Thick Foam Rubber.
  • The Platter, Tone Arm, And Cartridge Must All Be Mounted To The Turntable Base Before Use.


  • The Tt-15s1's Non-servo Controlled Ac Motor Is Float-mounted In The Left Rear Corner Of The Turntable Base.
  • To Prevent Vibration, The Motor Actually Rests On The Table Top, And Protrudes Through A Hole In The Base. A Silicon Band Completely Isolates The Motor From The Turntable Base.

Belt Drive:

  • The Turntable Features A Belt Drive System, And Comes With 2 Endless Silicon Belts (One Is A Spare).
  • The Pulley, Which Slips Onto The Motor Shaft, Has Two Grooves With Different Diameters For The Two Rotating Speeds (33-1/3 Rpm And 45 Rpm).
  • To Change The Speed, You Must Manually Move The Silicon Belt From One Groove To The Other.

Tone ARM:

  • The Tt-15s1 Features An Anodized Aluminum, Straight Tone Arm.
  • The Low-coloration Tone Arm Has A Magnetic Anti-skating Mechanism And A Fine Adjustable Counter Weight.
  • It Also Has An Attached High Quality 39" Audio And Ground Cable.
  • The Audio Cable Has Left And Right Rca Plugs, And The Ground Cable Has A Spade Connector.
  • The Counter Weight Is Used To Set The Proper Height Of The Tone Arm.


  • This Marantz Turntable Comes With A 6-gram, High Quality Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Mm (Moving Magnet) Stereo Cartridge And Non-replaceable Stylus.
  • The Cartridge Is Attached To The Tone Arm Via A Fixed Mount. Tools For Mounting The Cartridge To The Tone Arm Are Included.

Clever Clamp:

  • The Turntable Comes With A Clever Clamp Record Clamp From Souther Engineering.
  • This 65mm Diameter Plastic Disc Slides Over And Grips The Spindle, Locking And Clamping Records Into Place. The Upturned Edges On The Clamp Allow For Easy Removal.

Supplied Accessories:

  • The Tt-15s1 Comes With The Following Accessories:
  • Tool Kit: 
  • To Help You Assemble The Turntable, The Tool Kit Includes 3 Allen Wrenches And A Screwdriver.
  • Bearing Oil: A 5 Ml Bottle Of Bearing Oil Is Included For Regular Maintenance Of The Turntable. It Is Recommended That You Lubricate The Bearing Of The Center Shaft Every Two Years.

Turntable Sheet:

  • A 1/8" Thick Felt Pad Is Included If You Prefer Not To Place Your Records Directly On The Acrylic Platter.
  • A Small Circular Piece Of Felt Is Included To Assist You In Setting The Proper Tone Arm Height When The Turntable Sheet Is Used.
  • White Cotton Gloves: 
  • When Changing Turntable Speeds, It Is Recommended That You Use The White Cotton Gloves When Handling The Silicon Belt To Avoid Damaging The Belt.


Turntable Section:

  • Rpm: 33-1/3 Rpm, 45 Rpm
  • Turntable Depth: 28mm
  • Rpm Deviation: ± 0.2%
  • Signal-to-noise Ratio: 80 Db
  • Overall Weight: 19.6 Pounds (Including Tone Arm And Motor)

Tone ARM Section:

  • Arm Type: 2 Point Radial Tone Arm
  • Effective Length: 239 Mm (9.4")
  • Overhang: 17 Mm (0.669")
  • Stylus Pressure Adjustable Range: 0 To 5 Grams (Gradations Of 0.1 Grams)
  • Compatible Cartridge Weight: 33 To 18 Grams (Excluding Head Shell)


  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz To 20 Khz
  • Output Voltage (1 Khz, 5 Cm/s): ~3.6 Mv
  • Channel Separation: > 30 Db
  • Channel Balance: < 0.2 Db
  • Recommended Stylus Pressure: 2.2 Grams
  • Impedance: 0.66 Kω
  • Cantilever: Aluminum
  • Cartridge Weight: 6.0 Grams
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