MARANTZ PM8006 100Watts x 2 Channels Stereo Integrated Amplifier


Stereo Integrated Amplifier:

  • With A Fully Discrete Current Feedback Design, The Pm8006 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Is Perfect For Audiophiles Wanting Excellent Music Quality.
  • The Pm8006 Is Conservatively Rated At 70 Watts Per Channel Into 8ω, And 100 Watts Per Channel Into 4ω (20-20khz @ 0.06%) For Compatibility With The Widest Range Of Loudspeakers.

Current Feedback Amplification:

  • Marantz Proprietary Current-feedback Circuit, Using Discrete Components, Is Adopted In The Pre-amplifier And Power Amplifier.
  • Current Feedback Amplification Is A Well-known, Marantz-original Circuit Technology, Suiting Perfectly The Requirements Of High-resolution Audio With Wide-bandwidth And High-speed Reproduction.
  • The Impedance At The Current Feedback Point Is Limited Resulting In A Very Low Phase Shift, Meaning Marantz Current Feedback Amplifiers Reduce The Need For Phase Compensation Via Negative Feedback (Nfb) To A Minimum.
  • This Simplified Signal Path Results In High Through-rate, Excellent Transient Response, And Superb Sonic Transparency Across The Full Bandwidth. Unlike Conventional Voltage Feedback Topology, Current Feedback Also Makes The Power Amplifier Insensitive To Difficult Loudspeaker Loads.

Marantz HDAM Technology:

  • Marantz Developed Its Own Discrete Circuit Boards, Called Hyper-dynamic Amplifier Modules, Or Hdams, To Replace The Chip Based Amps Used Elsewhere.
  • Using Discrete Surface Mount Components With Short Mirror-image Left And Right Signal Paths, Hdams Outperform The Regular Integrated Op-amps Dramatically In Slew Rate And Noise Level, Resulting In A Much More Dynamic, Accurate And Detailed Sound.
  • The Pm8006 Employs Multiple Hdam-sa3(S) To Deliver Dynamic And Detailed Sound Quality.

Toroidal Transformer:

  • The Marantz Pm8006 Integrated Amplifier Utilizes A Large Double-shielded Toroidal Transformer.
  • A Toroidal Transformer Has Several Advantages Over A Normal Ei Core Transformer.
  • It Is Very Efficient And Therefore Delivers More Power Compared To The Same Size Of An Ei Core Transformer. In Addition, Due To Its Shape, The Electromagnetic Radiation And The Mechanical Vibration Are Extremely Low All Ending In A Better Sound Quality.

Momentary-Current Supply:

  • The Pm8006's Main Amp Has The Capability To Momentarily Pass 45 Amps Or More, Providing High-powered Drive To The Speakers.

Short Power Line:

  • To Improve The Momentary-current Supply, The Large Current Line Connections Are As Short As Possible, While Remaining Symmetrical.
  • The Individual Power Supply Segments Are Located On The Same Heat Sinks As The Output Transistors For Quicker Response To Musical Transients.

Rigid Chassis:

  • The Amplifier's Chassis Uses A Triple-layer Bottom Plate To Insure Long-term Alignment And Vibration Control.
  • The Unit's Front Panel Uses A Combination Of Aluminum And Glass-reinforced Resin To Create A Distinctive Three Dimensional Appearance. To Further Remove Interference, New Isolating Feet Are Used To Support The Amplifier.

High-Quality Volume Control:

  • The Pm8006 Integrated Amplifier Uses A New Marantz-designed Electric Volume Control For High Linearity And Best-in-class Channel Separation.
  • This Newly Developed Electric Volume Control, Using The Latest Volume Control Ic, Offers Better Channel Separation, Dynamic Range And Distortion-reduction - While Retaining The Operational Feel Of An Analog Volume Control Device.

Marantz Musical Phono EQ:

  • The Pm8006 Features A Phono (Mm) Input And Is Equipped With Marantz's New Musical Phono Eq Stage For Optimal Sound Quality From Your Vinyl Recordings.
  • The Marantz Musical Phono Eq Uses Two-stage Amplification, Allowing Less Gain Per Stage, For Lower Distortion.
  • It Also Uses The Company's Hdams Combined With Jfets (Junction Gate Field-effect Transistors) In The Input Stage, Giving A High Input Impedance.
  • This Allows The Deletion Of The Ac Coupling Capacitors Previously Used Providing A Simpler Signal Path For The Tiny Output From A Phono Cartridge, Improving Signal Purity.
  • The Marantz Musical Phono Eq Stage's Re-equalization Process Is Split Into Passive And Active Sections, For More Accurate Equalization - The Riaa Correction Is Carried Out Within An Hdam, While Amplification Is In The Hands Of A High-quality Op-amp, Running In Class A Mode For Minimal Distortion And Delivering A Clean And Open Sound.

CD Direct Buffer AMP:

  • An Input Buffer Amplifier Exclusive For Cd Is Mounted Near The Cd Input Rca Jacks.
  • This Is A High-speed Buffer Amplifier Made With Discrete Components, Which Avoids Interference Between Right And Left Channels And Can Send The Signals To The Pre-amplifier With Very High Fidelity.

Analog Inputs & Outputs:

  • In Addition To The Phono (Mm) Input, The Pm8006 Is Equipped With Five Other Analog Stereo Rca Audio Inputs (Cd/network/tuner/aux/recorder), Plus An Analog Stereo Rca Audio Output For Connecting A Recording Device.
  • There's Also A Power Amp Direct Input That Lets You Use The Pm8006 As A Standalone Stereo Power Amplifier For Additional System Configuration Versatility, Along With A Stereo Pre-amp Output That Let You Connect The Pm8006 To An External Power Amplifier.

Heavy-Duty Binding Post Speaker Terminals (A/B):

  • Equipped With Two Set Of Speaker Outputs, The Pm8006 Can Drive Two Pairs Of Speakers Or It Can Be Connected To One Pair Of Bi-wiring Compatible Speakers, With One Set Of Terminals For The Low Range Drivers And The Other Set Connected To The High Range Drivers.
  • These Heavy-duty, Binding-post Speaker Terminals Are Made Of Brass With A Thick Silver Plating For The Best Possible Contact With Your Speaker Cables.
  • The Main Speaker Output Terminals Are Mounted Lower, And Thus Closer To The Main Circuit Board, To Reduce The Signal Path.
  • The Binding Posts Will Accept Bare Wire (Up To 10awg), Pin-connectors, And Banana Plugs (Single Only).

Note: Use 4 To 8-ohm Speakers When Powering Only One Pair Of Speakers. Use 8-ohm Speakers When Powering Two Pair Of Speakers.

1/4" Headphone Jack:

  • The Marantz Pm8006 Features A Front-panel 1/4" Headphone Jack For Connecting A Set Of Headphones. You'll Need To Manually Turn Off A/b Speakers.

Tone Control + Source Direct:

  • For Precise Sound Tailoring, The Pm8006's Triple Tone Control System Provides Separate Controls For The Bass (50hz), Midrange (900hz) And Treble (15khz).
  • These Tone Controls Let You Fine Tune The Spectral Balance To Your Preference And Is Especially Useful With Older Recordings That Suffer From Tonal Imbalance.
  • You Can Also Select The Direct Mode, So The Audio Signal Does Not Pass Through The Tone Adjustment Circuitry, Resulting In Playback Of A Higher Sound Quality.

Remote Control:

  • The Included Ir Remote Control Features An Ergonomic Layout For Wireless Operation Of The Integrated Amplifier.
  • It Can Also Be Used To Control Accompanying Marantz Source Players (Such As A Sacd Or Network Player).
  • In Addition Remote Control Input And Output Jacks Let You Directly Connect The Pm8006 To Other Marantz Components For Easy System Control (The Remote Input And Output Consist Of A Mono-rca Jack).

Auto Standby:

  • With The Auto Standby Mode Turned On, This Unit Will Enter Standby Mode After Approximately 30 Minutes (Continuous) Of No Output From The Speakers Or Headphones.
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